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If you have digital products for sale, you can sell them on the Sellfy sales platform which charges a monthly fee and a small percentage-based transaction fee. Perhaps not ideal for those selling one-offs, but an immediate customer base for those who sell a lot. There’s a marketing toolset for promotions and emails, secure payment services with instant payouts, analytics and store customisation. You don’t even need a website – it works for social media, too.

producthunt.com Top reviewer

I know Maris Dagis personally and have followed how Sellfy has grown into business and how Maris is detail focused person.

producthunt.com Top reviewer

UX and Target Market

October 4, 2017

I pay for Pro, I’ve seen how Sellfy has grown in the youtuber//influencer industry, I would like to understand their roadmap or vision in the long run, for many is really important to add Sellfy inside our own websites.

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