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One of the largest e-commerce platform available, Shopify is a seller’s dream. Log all of your sales and transactions, whether online or in shop, in one place and keep on top of your inventory. There are plenty of options for tracking and improving sales. Shopify transactions are free, while external payment gateways require a fee of between 0.5 and 2% depending on which subscription you sign up for, and there is also a monthly fee. As you are guaranteed traffic, Shopify is well worth the investment.

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So far I haven’t had much issue, I just wish it was less expensive. It lacks a bunch of features, so there are add-on apps you can find to help, and most of the good ones are paid, so that monthly hosting fee quickly goes way, way up. I’ve had a couple designers try to… Top reviewer

I use shopify and am starting to become annoyed. I like its ease to add new products and my ability to link to facebook amazon and ebay, but they nickel and dime you for everything. You can’t even set shipping zones without upgrading your plan or buying an expensive add on which you also have… Top reviewer

I’ve received d purchased product but it didn’t have the included parts with it just only the lens. I purchased this product is because of the included parts that can attached with the mobile phone. But now it doesn’t have the parts that attached with the mobile phone then the lens would be useless for… Top reviewer

Shopify takes the technical hassle out of running an e-commerce business, whilst giving complete freedom over the “look and feel” of your site. If you have a developer, you can build ANY website design you can think of! The platform provides so many features for a measly $29 per month fee. There is nothing better Top reviewer

I have been using shopify for less than a year now but have been surprised at the level of security of this company.First i noticed my customers inclusing credit card was sent to another customer.I complained about this and tried to make them investigate and fix ths issue but obbviously ,Their technical team is not… Top reviewer

Used Shopify for about 18 months with no problems then they stop me taking credit cards (shopify payments) because i don’t have photo ID , THEN they start charging me commission on each sale BECAUSE i don’t accept credit cards! Then when i explain i wish to close the store and get a refund they… Top reviewer

I had opened this account some time ago and connected with my Shopify store, and I was so positive to conclude the integration as well as use additional services of your such as drop shipping solutions.I added one product just to test the system and delivery pricing but you have not yet located my warehouse… Top reviewer

I have had several Shopify stores and they were OK. You get what you pay for and $29.99 is about average for what you get. However, this time I opened a store and I couldn’t believe how downhill the support had gone.You still get 24 hour chat but to be honest it’s more frustrating to… Top reviewer

Perfect if you want to start a online business! Shopify is extremely customizable and the support is very effective. I just wish their pricing was cheaper. Top reviewer

Totally Scam Artists..Do not join this site. They provide a dropshipper who deals with counterfeit goods to order products from. Wish, Ali Express and Shopify are all probably all buddies in the scam. The apps are crap. Avoid these tossers.

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