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We’ve all heard of Shutterstock. Royalty-free images, video footage and music to add effect and style to your websites, printed goods, presentations, apps and blogs. There’s an editing tool, too. This is not a free service, but there are no watermarks or low-quality images to contend with,either. Fees cover all licencing requirements and we all know that Shutterstock offers top end design inspiration. If you really want top-end visuals and audio, visit Shutterstock.

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I wish they would send you an email a day or two before they auto-renew (it’s hard nowadays to remember everything you subscribe to), but I really appreciate that they gave me a refund after it auto-renewed and I caught it on my credit card statement. No begging needed. A lot of companies rely on…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I went to Shutterstock as it appears to be a household name for images. To be fair, they do have a vast selection, and there were quite a few images I wanted, so I decided to purchase them.The downside is transparency. When I bought the images, I thought I was paying for 4/5 downloads, in…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Waiting over one month for a invoice to appear in billing, so I can claim back on company expenses. If you take out a subscription and change your mind it costs you an extra £10 to cancel. Customer service abysmal as I have emailed and live chat is hopeless. If you need a professional service…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

The payment auto renewal is fraudulent – you do not get notification giving you any choice to continue or cancel. Even when you have deselected OFF it goes back to ON. There are plenty of other stock image companies – avoid Shutterstock. It is not transparent. Apparently they don’t offer refunds on auto renewal which…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

UPDATE: I used the online chat service and I have been granted a refund. Apparently, there is an effort to correct their practice of screwing customers over with auto-renewals. Once the refund goes through I will update this to a 5 star review.I signed up for a monthly plan because I needed a single image.…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Extortion threats

April 24, 2018

I’ve used Shutterstock for years, but now they’ve started emailing me with what I can only describe as extortion threats. Not even kidding.Suggesting the license I have isn’t correct, lecturing me on the nature of a contract, suggesting I’m in breach of contract – even though they have no information on my use of images…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

It's a scam

April 20, 2018

It’s a scam. Avoid at all cost.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I have a basic download subscription of 10 images per month and this meets my requirements..however, i was downloading an image and accidentally clicked ‘enhance my subscription for £70’ box. This tiny tick box is located between the image size button and the download now button. And whilst dragging my mouse between the two i…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I tried to cancel what I thought was a monthly plan only to find out I was locked into an annual plan. If I searched for reviews like you are I never would have signed up.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Does not meet expectations.I was lured onto the site with the false pretense of royalty free images. They are not. Furthermore, I am unable to delete my account.Not recomended.

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