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A content marketing platform for publishers, sales departments, agencies and data buyers, Skimlinks turns your products into trackable affiliate links. Proud of their 99.99% uptime, Javascript which doesn’t run together with page load, 24/7 customer support and cloud-based service. By improving content through implementing a short piece of code, you can significantly increase your revenue with this free service.

g2crowd.com Top reviewer

I love Skim Links

March 30, 2018

We used to have to add in affiliate links manually, now skimlinks does that for us automatically so it saves a lot of time for our writers and editors.

play.google.com Top reviewer

Simply doesn't work

January 10, 2017

The top tabs show, but nothing works in the page. About to uninstall.

sitejabber.com Top reviewer

Skim Links is an affiliate site you should avoid. They don’t state in their policies that you must have content or links on your site pertaining to merchants. If you don’t meet this requirement, they will reject you and tell you that it is their final decision.

play.google.com Top reviewer

Doesn't work!

March 18, 2015

Just shows a blank white screen under the tabs, regardless which is selected and I cant view any data whatsoever

sitejabber.com Top reviewer

Skim Links has always paid me on time and their customer service and integration into my site was very easy.

sitejabber.com Top reviewer

They are not the biggest affiliate company around in terms of sheer volume but IMO that is not how you choose an affiliate company. They have great affliates where you can actually make money on the clicks, name brands that people trust and use. That is why I give them a 5 star.

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