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Europe’s first FCA-regulated e-money issuer, London based Skrill has been at the top of the payment service provider charts for years. Serving a global audience, this desktop and app service charges a 1.45% fee for money transfers. They also charge 3.99% for currency conversion. Other fees are your own credit card or bank fees. You have to log in at least once a year (!), otherwise Skrill also charge you £3 every month. For e-commerce accounts, this should not be a problem. Highly recommended.

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It is impossible to access to this site and properly use it. It really is and I have tried to so much crap.. They have actually stolen money from me too. As I never had money refunded for a transfer that they stopped. Oh god. They just decide to freeze ur account whenever and ur… Top reviewer

Very low security protection of a customer, slow, unsecure. Always have a bad feeling when I have to send money to someone. I had several problems and their customer service wasn’t helpful at all. Top reviewer

Worst level of protection you can imagine of a service provider!!! Even when a transaction is fully clear to be fraudulent with a lot of evidence publicly available, they will not protect their clients but prefer to leave the money with the fraudsters! My advice never use this service, unless you know the person you… Top reviewer

I wish I could rate this in the minus numbers. I contacted this company after I suspected I’d handed money over to a fraudulent company (this company had asked me to deposit money via Skrill) they asked me to verify my address to which I found that under my account they had set up a… Top reviewer

After I didn’t use my account for a while they blocked my account and took all my funds as a service fee without noticing me. “Please note that there are currently no funds left within the account, as they have been taken automatically by the system as Inactivity fee which is applied for more than… Top reviewer

After I receive one time payment from Shutterstock to skrill I am not able to withdraw it. It asks for ridiculous documents like a I am buying a company. And every time rejecting my documents without proper reason ( with auto generated answer ) helpdesk is not working, when I create a case for issue… Top reviewer

Skrill stole my money

June 14, 2018

Skrill closed my account and cancelled my Debit card without any notice. They said it was because of inactivity for six months. However, I have had an account for many years and there were several instances where I had not used it for six months.After contacting customer service they told me they could not re-open… Top reviewer

I am not able to transfer my skrill money anywhere, and when I wrote customer support to know reason they don’t even respond. Even when I am trying to submit my document every time they are rejecting. Top reviewer

You have been warned don’t deal with them scammer, scammed my btc with verified transaction Top reviewer

Every time i load money onbtbe card and try to use it, it comes up unauthorised transaction. They told me i had to reduce balance to zero and call them to fix it then. I did this, no resolved and the promised call back never came. After four months of issues, i am going to…

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