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An acronym for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge, Slack software helps you manage and coordinate your team. Integrated with major services including Google Drive, Dropbox, and other third-party services, Slack is one of the top rated native applications out there and is well-known for being kept fully up-to-date. For iOS or Android, Slack is a great way to keep your team in touch.

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I allow in my professional career that some tools take all the control, and Slack can do it without any doubt. Slack has allowed me to take professional control of my operations at the level of communication with the team. The instantaneous way, plus the options it provides, make our team travel to a great… Top reviewer

I use slack every day to collaborate with colleagues throughout the United States (our company has several locations in the US). It provides us with a seamless experience to share ideas, files and other forms of communication. While it does go down incredibly rarely, it is usually solved within the hour. Also the extended features… Top reviewer

Super easy internal comms tool; kills huge email threads (thankfully!), allows several useful integrations, shorten simpler comms and fastens document sharing, group reaching and news/results communications. It is where work happens and I couldn’t recommend it more! Top reviewer

Great for community bucatini and team building Top reviewer

super duper chat

December 14, 2017

super duper chat. It deleted inside mail practice. Top reviewer

very nice program and easily integrated. I use at my work and once integrated with craigslist to find new apartments Top reviewer

Good to use such an open chat software which is easy to integrate with any website in the world. Top reviewer

SEO Manager

November 22, 2017

SEO Manager Top reviewer

Big fan of Slack!

November 20, 2017

Big fan of Slack! Top reviewer

Slack is great for collaboration! I love this as an alternative to email, especially when you need to ask a colleague a quick question. Great tool for project teams.

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