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Speechpad’s transcription and subtitling service is a highly transparent site which shows clear pricing for a variety of transcription combinations. The most basic price for a simple spoken word to text project is highly competitive. Speechpad have thousands of transcriptionists and subtitlers around the globe that stop receiving work should their feedback fall under a certain level, so you are guaranteed quality work. They also have a audio/video translation service.

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And this is the truth, and from my perspective. I’m from an African Country, and I learnt English as my second Language right from the primary school. I’m not that good with English but I can perfectly hear, understand, and talk though not with that accent of a native speaker. I started transcription on June…

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February 3, 2018

I am a customer for life. The turnaround time is incredible and the transcription is perfectly accurate. Unbelievable! Thanks so much Speechpad.

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Rating System.

January 3, 2018

Speechpad was a great place to work, good pay, quality audios(most) and quick response from support. They increased rating from 92 to 94 and locked some of us from work. My rating had dropped when I got bad audio to 93 and since then I’ve never gotten any work. Working with them is really great…

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I honestly hate their rating system. It’s like if you don’t have 94 or higher you wont get any jobs and kicked out with no explanation. Worse off the reviewers are cheats. They ensure that you get a low rating so you don’t do jobs anymore. Several times on my transcripts the so-called mistakes were…

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SPEECHPAD is basically a scam.So I was on their site yesterday and successfully registered as a transcriber. I went ahead and clicked on the qualifications to caption a conversation between the Facebook founder Mark and an unidentified person.The audio was four and a half minutes long but the two were talking over 300 words a…

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My experience with Speechpad has been that they do a great job, even when the person has a slight accent and the subject matter is challenging and has a lot of words specific to a scientific discipline like biology. This last part surprised me! I really thought I’d have to do a lot of corrections,…

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Found a keeper.

August 24, 2017

Working at Speechpad has been a blessing. The audio files are very good quality. Low-quality audio files take longer to complete and are all worth the time as they are all compensated well. Back Office Support is always on standby to assist me whenever I need. If you ever feel like getting telecommuting gig, come…

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Speechpad provides terrific service! I couldn’t be more pleased. Fast and accurate and reasonably priced. I am a professional writer of non-fiction books, and I use Speechpad for all my transcription needs.

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Amazing staff

August 9, 2017

Their staff are so responsive and kind. When I have a problem, I know I can trust them to give me a solution.

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Great side hustle!

August 6, 2017

The pay is consistent. The jobs are in plenty. The staff were kind enough to grant me access to rush jobs. It’s the best transcription site I’ve worked for.

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