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A Chrome extension, StayFocusd does what it says on the box, and for free (donations gratefully received). Syncs with Chrome to stop you browsing the web when you should be doing something more productive instead. There’s a timer display, too, which a lot of blocking apps don’t have, as well as no ads. You can ask via the messaging service for help in getting the most out of this extension, as many of the features aren’t easy to find (the extension itself isn’t easy to find either – so we’re happy to offer you the direct link here). Stay completely focused when you choose to be, with this great, free Chrome blocking application.

alternativeto.net Top reviewer

you can just change the system time and it will let you through; you can delete the root extension and voila, it is done; or of course, you can use another browser (Edge is pretty much un-disable-able in Windows 10) to get online. it does the trick if you already have self-control, but if you…

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