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An instant messaging app for businesses and a real-time collaboration tool which aids communication during projects with options including personal or group chat, document sharing and integration with other collaboration software. With a user-friendly interface and use as desktop app, mobile app or web app, there’s no excuse when it comes to sharing ideas and deadlines with your team. HipChat is a very affordable collaboration app alternative.

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Pros For starters stock emoji game is strong. The ability to easily and programatically turn up anonymous private rooms for customers is huge. This is something lacking in almost every other competitive product. APIs are easy to use. Tons of third party integrations so you can easily alert, monitor, and notify from all your apps.… Top reviewer

Pros I really like the layout of HipChat and the ability to monitor and/or access different rooms. The software is very helpful when working on multiple projects at the same time. The app also works really well. Cons As a user, I have not had any issues with the software. It’s the best messaging system… Top reviewer

Valuable tool for the working professionals. Pros Hipchat provides the ability to instantly collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world to communicate information, ask questions, or disseminate information to a group. The ability to add images and send formatted code snippets adds significant value to this product. Cons It would be nice its it had… Top reviewer

Pros We use Hipchat every day during work hours to keep the whole team involved. You can start different chats and easily manage talking to a team that may be distributed. Cons Right now there we don’t really have any cons for Hipchat. It’s great for a small team that needs to keep collaboration frequent. Top reviewer

Pros This software is fantastic. We use it every day in company chats. No matter employees who are remote or in office, it allows for quick and easy communication. It’s simple to set up and simple to use. I would recommend this software to any small business. Top reviewer

Pros HipChat does have some good integrations and does function as a basic collaboration tool. It has decent customizations and allows for multiple teams to collaborate. It also is a closely tied to JIRA with can be useful when discussing deployments. Cons Overall it seems like HipChat is just banking that you will use it… Top reviewer

Pros This software is great for communicating around the office. We have chats going all day long with remote workers. It’s a very smart choice for small businesses who collaborate and may not be side by side. Cons There are no functionality cons that I can think of. Some of our team members like to… Top reviewer

HipChat is one of the easiest, best tools for team collaboration and instant messaging. Reliable, intuitive and offers some customizations. Pros Very simple to use, intuitive (for the most part), offers calling ability (very useful for international teams), easy file sharing, etc. Also offers fun emojis that every team can customize and add their own.… Top reviewer

HipChat nice messenger app – all in one Top reviewer

Competent Chat Product

October 1, 2017

Pros It does meet organizational needs in terms of allowing people to communicate and transfer files easily. Cons The functionality is redundant of other products that most businesses already have access to, so the value-add (other than having managers be able to see your chat activity) is unclear.

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