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If you have a skill, why not share it? Or ask others to pay for the privilege of your insights? While ebooks, blogs and websites can also create teaching revenue, creating your own online course and selling it on a platform specific for that purpose cuts out a lot of legwork. Teachable assists in the design and creation of your chosen course and start your own classroom (or school!). With builder tools, integration on all mobile devices, you can reach your target groups within seconds. Fees are either monthly with transaction charge or by monthly subscription without other costs. Share your knowledge the intelligent way.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Unfortunately, I have had a terrible experience with Teachable. I expend lots of time creating an online course to distribute in their platform. The platform handles and processes the payments of students and charges a commission which is normal. The big problem came when one of my students requested a refund. The platform promises 30…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Been using a wordpress plugin for the last 3 years and It was time for a change. I had researched numerous platforms and wasn’t in love with any of them, then my friend introduced me to Teachable. I held off for a month out of despair for the long confusing import process. On a beautiful…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I was a hardcore Udemy instructor until they screwed me with the $50 cap. My passive income dropped to under 20% of what I used to make. I decided to look for a new platform and came across Teachable. I has just tried Kajabi’s Free Trial, and was testing out Ruzuku. But Teachable had so…

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