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Toutapp allows you to track your email leads in real time and seems to work best on Gmail although it can also be used for social media and phone marketing. Sales reps can collaborate appointments via calendar and communicate via integrated phone or email networks. Toutapp has plenty of metrics opportunities and integrates with various workflow apps. Some reviewers not that the interface needs time to get used to, but appreciate the single page command centre and live feeds. Fairly competitive pro price plan, but you can also ask for a custom pack.

capterra.com Top reviewer

Pros: I liked that I could build out mass email campaigns among all of my accounts in Salesforce. I also liked how it sat on top of my Gmail inbox where I could get live updates of when and where prospects would open the email, click the link etc. Cons: It was slow, it didn’t…

capterra.com Top reviewer

better than yesware

April 11, 2018

Pros: i think the pricing and support from toutapp is much better than yesware. i also enjoy the reporting that they have built for managers. this is a sales email tool for productive sales teams Cons: while this meets all of my basic sales needs, i wish they would invest more in expanded functionality of…

trustradius.com Top reviewer

Worth paying for it myself

February 28, 2018

ToutApp is currently used by a handful of salespeople within our company. It is not the “official” prospecting tool, but a few of us purchase it on our own. From a business perspective, Tout allows me to gather contact information and organize it within ToutApp, then I’m able to automate outreach efforts as well as…

trustradius.com Top reviewer

ToutApp is currently only being used by our inside sales team though I think it could be expanded to the larger team. Currently it is being used to create automated email campaigns, schedule emails, and used for its “local presence” calling feature. We are working to integrate it into Marketo so that it can provide…

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

What I like most is the simplicity of ToutApp. As a sales person it allows me to set up the emails and to pull them up from Gmail. It saves me huge amount of time during the prospecting. I like the option to send mass email at the same time. I am very satisfied from…

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

I simply love the Command Center feature, with this feature I can easily and quickly plan my work. Also, the Live Feed feature is great because it provides real-time visibility of all activities without getting notifications. Additionally, the campaign function is easy to use. All in all, this app is great and it offers great…

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

I like the email reply analytics by group or content over the custom time-frames. It has great outreach templates and scenario based templates. Also, it offers A/B testing with email performance analytics. You can keep track of view and click rates and to get better understanding on how to reach and engage your audience. It…

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

Tout is great product for our department. We are able to hone our messages and to track the effectiveness through campaign lifecycle. I like its support team, they are always helpful and responsive, and they frequently release new features and do their best to improve the product so it can meet our needs.

reviews.financesonline.com Top reviewer

I like that ToutApp allows us to easily share templates amongst the team, and it provides valuable analytics into the templates that are successful and it lets us know which one need improvements. I like that we can see which object lines are open and which are clicked. It allows us to email lot of…

capterra.com Top reviewer

Pros: There are two main “pros” with ToutApp. 1) the integration with Salesforce is very good in that it is frictionless for our teams to send individual emails and have them track in salesforce. That way, we know who is talking (emailing) to who by looking at the activity in Salesforce. 2) The ability to…

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