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An international money transfer solution, TransferWise is able to lower exchange rate fees by placing its reserves ll over the globe, meaning they are able to reduce rates. for this, they have received many positive reviews for their multi million transfers each month. They also offer a free multi-currency borderless bank account, similarly offering low exchange rates, withdrawal and transfer fees. All in all, a top service for those that sell and buy beyond borders and want to avoid unnecessary fees.

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It works perfectly

June 25, 2018

It works perfectly. The card has arrived even before the expiration day. Perfect conditions, very good service! I recommend it to everyone! Top reviewer

My account is deactivated without any notice. After 5 days I still have no clue where my money is. After contacting the customer service, they can’t solve anything. They said to be reachable for 24 hours, nonsense. First time using transferwise, never again. If you have important big transfer that needs to be done immediately,… Top reviewer

It’s tedious to set up an Top reviewer

Have been using them for months now. Never have any issue. Was pleasantly surprised to talk to a real person when I first rang their customer service for some queries. Top reviewer

Take some more time to open the account than I expected. Top reviewer

With a site that’s easy to navigate, a great rate and very low fees. What’s not to love? I’ll be using TransferWise for all my exchanges from now on. Top reviewer

Dear Sir or Madam!I have no money for life right now since my money is stuck in TransferWise and are not refunded! please refund me the money!!! I have no money for life now!!! you are not seriously doing that to customers.I hope to hear from you soon.It has been two weeks now since I… Top reviewer

Extremely smooth signup and delivery process for the borderless account card. No issues with the app, which is quick even over 3G.Only complaint I do have is that the card defaults to a particular currency, and you have to be careful to select the correct currency on PDQs. Only purchase we had problems with this… Top reviewer

Easy to use and set up, convenient and almost all free! I couldn’t believe how fast it went to open several accounts! Top reviewer

Opening of account was quite quick and convenient but I tried some small transfers, none reached the recipient on time, for example – a transfer to China was announced to arrive after 32mn but after 60 hours it still did not arrive. – a transfer to Hongkong was announced to arrive on 21/06 and later…

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