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UserTesting provides video feedback from users for all your user testing purposes. Whether you want to use their panel or your own to test an app or a website, UserTesting is a high-quality solution. The only bad reviews come from testers who aren’t given the opportunity to test thanks to the site’s stringent criteria. UserTesting’s expert teams will also help you to create the test that best applies to your business, manage and moderate it, pick out the key points from your tester videos and help you present these findings if you so wish. In other words, you don’t have to do much at all.

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It is as simple as that – the time you will spend on initial profile set up, application installation, paid reviews (u will be lucky to get more then one for the first month), video uploads, permanent screening tests (which you won’t get paid for) – will effectively make you work for pennies, so don’t… Top reviewer

I’ve been with User Testing for about a week. There are some goods and bad about joining the company. Now before I begin, I want you (the reader) to know that this is my personal opinion and experience with User Testing. Everyone will have a different experience and opinion.. When I first joined User Testing,… Top reviewer

It used to be decent

November 7, 2017

It used to be decent. I had plenty of tests coming my way as a tester for this site. My rating has always being Great. Since about 3 months ago. They stop sending tests. Now they only send me invites with surveys to see if I qualify for future tests that never come. Clearly they… Top reviewer

UserTesting gives the qualitative feedback you need to understand your data. Top reviewer

If you need help while taking a test – you will waste time to be told to send an email. After a lot of time so I do not believe it’s a robot. Oh the emails. You get an automated response with some FAQs – so they assume you are an idiot and wasted time… Top reviewer is a great tool Top reviewer

UserTesting is great!

April 11, 2017

UserTesting is great! Top reviewer is great for functionality usability testing Top reviewer

Real Users, Real Results, with UserTesting

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