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Cut down on time spent on video capture, make your lower third way more interesting or put together video footage for your own audio. VideoBlocks is one of the first stock video marketplaces to meet your video needs. If you regularly make use of video (all you bloggers, developers and designers out there!), then it’s worth checking this site out. Please note that the membership gives you free access to the member’s library but you will still have to pay for additional content from the marketplace; there has been confusion about how they charge their customers.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I would highly recommend Videoblocks to amateurs and pros alike! In all honesty, I was sent an offer for a reduced one-year membership, $99.00 USD. For my particular needs, I could not justify the normal yearly price. With a membership to Adobe, the cost of hardware and other editing software, and my current level at…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Videoblocks CHARGED ME for a subscription I had CANCELED well in advance.Videoblocks DOES NOT let me CANCEL my account.I am angry at Videoblocks for various account and billing issues.I cancelled my account last year after my second year’s renewal went through. I realized back then that I had not been using Videoblocks that much and…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I LOVE their videos, and due to MY mistake I signed up for a yearly sub. I thought I was signing up for a free two weeks. They resolved it beyond what I could imagine… Thanks to Herman at Videoblocks!!

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Billing scam

June 3, 2018

I signed up with VideoBlocks and barely used it. I put that down to my bad luck. But i then discovered that USD149 was taken from my account for year 2 without receiving any prompt or reminder. The company says it’s due to an autorenewal and they don’t refund. Evidently I had to actively click…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Scam with poor quality footage with mediocre and premium content behind pay walls. If you cancel your subscription. They keep your money but discontinue the service, even if you paid for the year.Scammers.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Using Videoblocks is the best thing for creative people. It is simple but with lot of potential and it has an unbeatable membership with unlimited downloads and constant updates. What do you need more to start being creative?

trustpilot.com Top reviewer


May 19, 2018

DistinguishMultiple OptionsSeparate Rooms

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

This company takes advantage of customers. They force people to be on auto renew each year, they don’t tell customers when a charge is about to happen, and after it happens they don’t send a receipt telling you it happened. It’s as if they hope you forget about their annual charge so that they can…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

I joined VideoBlocks a year ago (2017) in order to create music videos for my songs, which are multi-genre and diverse in style. For my year’s subscription I get to download an unlimited number of designated “free” clips from the VB library. This in itself is a phenomenal deal! I’d say that I managed to…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

This is the best video download service I have ever found. They offer a huge library of wonderful video clips, and they are high quality. I’ve already used dozens of their clips and am very impressed. The service is absolutely worth the full price – but the intro price is just way too good to…

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