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A secure and global payment processor which has recently merged to become the largest payments processor in the United States, WorldPay asks merchants to sign up for three years. If you terminate your contract early, there’s a hefty fee to pay. However, this should not necessarily be seen as a negative trait; just make sure you research the service well before signing up, as it is a worthwhile investment. It does not use a third party processor, which means all transactions are managed on site with top security. The offer virtual terminals, QuickBooks integration, omni-channel payments, analytics, fraud and risk management and a treasury service. Prices are not transparent, however, so again, make sure their customer services department fills you in before signing on the dotted line.

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All of our previous experience with domestic transactions were 5 stars. Last week, the processing went out of the box. 4 open tickets with the customer service unresolved. As supporters of innovative business solutions, we expect Worldpay to manage complaints better and build clearer processes in the years to come. Top reviewer

I have been waiting for over a month to get a refund from Worldpay. I paid for birth certificates through the GRO office – they refunded the money because they couldn’t find the certificates.. According to them, the money was refunded at the end of May through Worldpay – since then my emails and requests… Top reviewer

I bought a drill in germany and paid via PayPal. Worlpay seems to process the PP payments for them. Does not make sense to me, but well… I openend a PP case because the price in the listing was wrong and I paid to much. I contacted them via phone and told them about the… Top reviewer

Applied for card service with this company. Was told by telesales not to contact my existing company regarding cancelling the terminal until my application had been accepted. Terminal was dispatched before I received my e-mail. Apparently because I accepted delivery of the terminal, I have been deemed to have accepted the contract. Appalling communication of… Top reviewer

I can’t believe how terrible and verging on criminal this company is, I feel desperate. The service is non existent, their attitude is dismissive and the charges are extortionate. I’m sure I’ll get the usual trotted out response on here, but really the service was not good enough from the day I first signed up.… Top reviewer

I was contacted many times by world pay ref a card machine i asked various questions and they haven’t been fulfilled my machine arrrived no help setting it up the first time I used it the payment hit a clitch and the machine said it was canceled later to find out the payment had gone… Top reviewer


June 25, 2018

HORRIBLE!!!! Top reviewer

This company is awful, customer service is also incredibly frustrating. Avoid this company at all costs, they have blocked my company’s payment totalling £12,000. Because they blocked this payment, I have not been able to pay my staff and have, unfortunately, had to fire 25 employees. Please do not make the same mistake and be… Top reviewer

Customer service is terrible. Rarely do their staff ever know the answer to any queries without transferring you to a different department, having to join the queue on hold once again then going through all the security again for them to tell you they need to put you through to someone else to repeat the… Top reviewer

Been with Worldpay years and always thought I was receiving a good deal but clearly not as another company visited us and saved us a decent amount of money each month and the switchover was so easy. I called the Worldpay helpdesk number and received rudeness from the girl on the phone I asked to…

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