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This is not a trading site, but a BTC loan platform where you can ‘loan’ or ‘borrow’ BTC at various (not always competitive rates). It is possible that PayPal freezes BTC lender accounts that they suspect of ‘fraudulent’ activity as multiple payments into your PayPal account could trigger this. For buying BTC, this fairly new addition to the crypto currency world is a good option.

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In trading bitcoins and other cryptos, cryptoexmart.com is awesome. No identity card verification, and still, they are fast, safe and reliable.

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Do not use. Just because you make money today doesn’t mean 30 days from now you wont lose it.And when they refund the money, it comes from your account. If there is no money then your gonna be hit hard with overdraft fees. You see PayPal doesn’t cover Bitcoin purchases and is classified as a…

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I’m a Lender using XCoins and now after 2 weeks and lent over $2,000 USD I have had NO issues.I feel bad for this company due to the constant bad reviews from users that have never used XCoins and/or had issues as they have been great so far!

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Don't trust

February 8, 2018

Don’t trust. They will steal your money. Any positive review on here is just someone trying to get a referral or xcoins themselves.

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Do not use xcoins.io unless you want to lose your moneyPlease search Report cheater, Combat fraudDo not use xcoins unless you want to lose your money because of the whole situation and conversation

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xcoins.io stole my money

October 6, 2017

I bought Bitcoin from xcoins.io back in August. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE BTC FROM THIS “INSTANT” TRANSACTION. It now has been over 30 days since they stole my money. DO NOT USE THIS SITE! They will steal your money

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xCoins i really like

September 15, 2017

xCoins i really like, it has made me the profits over a few months and i find it is also easy for its use for me.

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Fastest way to get bitcoin but you do pay a little extra for the speedy service.

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Xcoins seemed simple at first. but then there was some problem with one of the photos i sent as verification for a first buy, or “borrow” as they legally call it. then it was explained to me i need to send the photos again. so i did. but after that nothing happened and now a…

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Xcoins is a great alternative to get Bitcoin in a very fast way. All you need is a paypal accoubt and you can have Bitcoin in 5 minutes. The first time you but it can take longer but after you can get Bitcoin in minutes. The company has grown exponentially in the last few months…

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