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Looking for an app that can accomplish mundane, repetitive tasks on autopilot? Enter Zapier, a workflow application that will automatically link other apps into what Zapier calls ‘zaps’, automating and getting done a wide range of tasks while constantly searching for new data. Although the technology behind this integration app is complicated, Zapier itself is simple to use thanks to a basic dashboard.

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I’ve been trying to get some responses from their support regarding a ZAP that i’m implementing between Intercom and Zendesk. Zapier support has been quite ineffective, they don’t try to understand the issue (sometimes it’s easier to say that it’s not possible then actually try to help or solve the issue), additionally it’s provided by… Top reviewer

Opens up all kinds of possibilities to non-programmers. Some minor weaknesses but overall great product. Top reviewer

Zapier has helped our company automate many processes to help us save time, money and hassle. One example is adding people to receive emails after being added on our CRM and then give them an automatic call & Email through another app and then inserting that specific contact into a spreadsheet and then adding a… Top reviewer

Automating marketing & sales tasks Top reviewer

Time Efficient & Great Customer Service! Top reviewer

Their design is excellent. Behind the scenes its very technical, but the user experience is smooth and easy on the eyes. It does such a great job of taking actions and information in one app and bringing it to your app of choice. Top reviewer

For extensive users, pricing model is not so friendly. But other than that, it’s very user friendly. You don’t need any programming background to create Zaps Zapier also has great amount of support document to help you get going and be creative. Great product. Top reviewer

Zapier Zaps make my life easy Top reviewer

Helps tie up many little loose ends Top reviewer

Zapier – the right choice for GApps and SaaS enterprises

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