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Zendesk offers separately installed app upgrades for your customer services department, meaning you don’t need to spend money on tools you don’t need. You can even purchase separate addons. Covering all aspects of customer services, from helpdesks to workflows, analytics and customer online communities, and integrating various communications methods such as bots, chats and self-service portals, it’s great to have everything available to pick and choose from as your business grows. Obviously, the more apps you upgrade, the higher the cost. But at least with Zendesk it’s you who chooses the total package.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Describing the customer service they deliver as “appalling” is an understatement. The are a classic “over commit, under deliver” customer service solution. And they could care less if you bring the reality of their poor performing services to them with a complaint. AVOID

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

What an utterly terrible organisation. They are meant to be in the business of customer experience. They have an appalling, systematic approach. I had several technical problems. Their notion of apologising is alien. On the third such problem we lost two customer sales enquiries due to a bug. We were really unhappy. It took 15…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Not bad. Worth to try.

March 21, 2018

It is very useful and gave me a lot of help with my workload. The gui is simple and support is ok, considering the amount of request they receive daily.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Zendesk works great but...

February 25, 2018

Zendesk works great but the last weeks there are several outages and i can’t change location.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Ecstatic Enterprise User

February 15, 2018

I suspect the low reviews are users not experiencing the Enterprise level of support. The software is astounding. I am a power user, managing approximately 80+ users. To my knowledge, we have never experienced a “bug”. That’s not to say there aren’t things we wished worked better, but the software is incredibly stable.

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Amazing tool!

February 14, 2018

I’ve been using Zendesk for a couple of years now and not only is a fantastic tool, but it also keeps on evolving and adding new features and capabilities. I can mention several interesting and invaluable features but just to highlight a few: Answer bot, reporting (insights), talk, triggers, etc. Would definitely recommend it and…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

We’re having a lot of trouble activating our Zendesk phone line, even though we purchased a Talk plan 1 week ago. Zendesk agents have repeatedly transferred the situation to their finance team- which hasn’t followed up. The phone number we have published for customers’ use is inactive and we have not been able to resolve…

trustradius.com Top reviewer

Versatile Customer Support Solution

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

The Zendesk app is really quite good – but what annoys me about this company is that they don’t walk their talk. They don’t have live chat available on their website, they take DAYS to respond — they are not the living, breathing versions of what they are selling – warranting my 1 star review.…

trustpilot.com Top reviewer

Zendesk is by far the best customer service system I have used. The custom reporting is brilliant allowing us to monitor and improve our performance. Well worth it!

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