13 Best Free VPNs for Amazon Prime Video

Accessing geo-restricted content has been a frequent problem for customers as online streaming services like Amazon Prime gain popularity. However, utilizing a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be the answer to this issue. Bypassing regional restrictions and enjoying smooth streaming of your preferred Amazon Prime episodes and movies, VPNs encrypt your internet connection and direct it through servers in many nations.

To improve your streaming experience and open a world of entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of the top VPNs for Amazon Prime streaming that are specifically designed for American users in this post.

13 Best Free VPNs for Amazon Prime Video

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is committed to making the internet a safer and more accessible place for everyone. We have thoroughly examined NordVPN’s features and capabilities, and we can confidently say it is an exceptional choice for users seeking both speed and security. Since the inception of the World Wide Web in 1989, they have strived to protect users from online threats, censorship, and surveillance. Their goal is to provide a secure and seamless online experience, no matter where you are. With NordVPN, you can confidently browse the web, access apps, websites, and entertainment while keeping your online activities private and protected.

Why NordVPN?

Top-notch threat protection: One of the standout features of NordVPN is its advanced threat protection. By enabling this feature in the settings, you can stay safe from intrusive ads, trackers, and malware. What’s remarkable is that you don’t even need to connect to a VPN server for it to work. NordVPN’s threat protection ensures your browsing experience is not only safer but also faster and smoother, all while keeping your online activities private.

Robust encryption for enhanced security: When it comes to protecting your online traffic, NordVPN leaves no stone unturned. It employs next-generation encryption protocols, ensuring that your data remains secure and out of reach from prying eyes. With NordVPN, you can browse the web with confidence, knowing that your sensitive information is shielded behind a wall of encryption.

Fail-safe kill switch: We understand that unexpected VPN connection drops can leave your data vulnerable. That’s why NordVPN incorporates a fail-safe kill switch. In the event of a VPN connection interruption, the kill switch will automatically block your internet traffic, preventing any leaks or unauthorized access to your data. Your privacy remains intact even during brief disruptions.

Tailored digital security with split tunneling: NordVPN goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach by offering split tunneling. With this feature, you have the flexibility to choose which apps require VPN protection and which trusted apps can bypass the VPN. This level of control allows you to customize your online experience while maintaining the highest security standards.

Double VPN for added privacy: For those seeking an extra layer of privacy, NordVPN offers double VPN servers. By routing your traffic through two separate VPN servers, your data undergoes double encryption, providing you with enhanced peace of mind. Double VPN is particularly useful for users who prioritize privacy and want an additional safeguard for their online activities.


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android TV, Other platforms like Firestick, Xbox, PlayStation, and more.


Complete: $6.69 per month

Plus: $5.19 per month

Standard: $3.99 per month

NordVPN For Amazon Prime - Pricing


2. Express VPN

Express VPN is a renowned VPN service that offers high-speed, secure, and anonymous browsing. With their extensive network of servers spread across 94 countries, Express VPN allows you to appear as if you are browsing from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to access geo-restricted content or simply protect your online privacy, Express VPN delivers exceptional performance and reliable security measures.

Why Express VPN?

Servers in 94 countries: With Express VPN’s vast global network of servers, you can enjoy the flexibility of browsing from any location worldwide. Whether you want to access region-restricted content or enhance your online privacy, Express VPN provides you with the means to do so seamlessly.

Best-in-class encryption: Express VPN prioritizes your data security by utilizing AES-256 encryption, the industry standard trusted by security experts. Your sensitive information remains protected from potential threats, ensuring a safe browsing experience.

Lightning-fast speeds: Express VPN lives up to its name by delivering superior speeds across its network. Whether you’re streaming content, gaming, or engaging in other online activities, Express VPN provides you with optimized speeds to enhance your overall browsing experience.

Use on 5 devices at once: Express VPN allows you to install and connect up to five devices simultaneously. This flexibility ensures that you can secure multiple devices and enjoy the benefits of Express VPN’s features across your entire digital ecosystem.

TrustedServer technology: With Express VPN’s innovative server technology, no data is ever written to a hard drive. This means that your online activities leave no traces, further enhancing your privacy and security.

No activity logs: Express VPN strictly adheres to a no-logs policy. They never keep data that could potentially tie you to any online activity, providing you with a higher level of anonymity and privacy.


Mac VPN, Windows PC VPN, iPhone VPN (iOS), Android VPN, Linux VPN, Router VPN, VPN Chrome Extension.


Express VPN is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including:

Laptops and desktops, Smartphones and tablets, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Nintendo Switch.


Express VPN offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs:

1 Month: $12.95 per month

12 Months: $8.32 per month

6 Months: $9.99 per month

Express VPN Amazon Prime Video - Pricing


3. Private Internet Access(PIA) VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN is widely recognized as the top all-around VPN service available. Offering fast access to worldwide servers and 24/7 technical support, PIA ensures a seamless and secure browsing experience. With a commitment to open-source software, PIA stands out by providing complete transparency and a strict no-logs policy, guaranteeing your privacy is protected.

Why Private Internet Access?

Open-Source Transparency: PIA sets itself apart by offering 100% open-source VPN apps. This commitment to transparency demonstrates that they have nothing to hide. By making their software open-source, PIA allows users to independently verify its integrity and security.

A Strict No Logs Policy: Takes your privacy seriously and does not monitor or record any data about your internet traffic. To further assure customers, PIA has undergone a thorough No Logs audit, the results of which are available for scrutiny. With PIA, you can browse with confidence, knowing that your online activities remain private.

World-Class Protocols: Exclusively utilizes trusted and open-source VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and WireGuard®. These protocols are renowned for their robust security measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data during transmission.

Ad Blocking (Included): Includes an ad blocker called “MACE,” which is based on DNS technology. This feature effectively protects you from intrusive ads, trackers, and malware, enhancing your overall browsing experience and safeguarding your privacy.

Advanced Split Tunneling: Offers advanced split tunneling, allowing you to set up custom rules for individual apps or websites. With this feature, you can choose which traffic should be routed through the VPN tunnel and which can bypass it, providing you with optimal flexibility and control.

Kill Switch: Incorporates a kill switch feature that acts as a firewall. In the event of an unexpected VPN connection drop, the kill switch ensures that your data remains secure by blocking any internet traffic that could potentially leak your sensitive information.


PIA VPN is available on the following platforms:

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.


Private Internet Access VPN is compatible with various platforms, including:

Android TV, Smart TVs and routers, Gaming consoles, Desktops, Laptops.


PIA VPN offers flexible pricing plans to meet your needs:

1 Month: $11.95 per month

3 Years + 3 Months Free: $2.03 per month

Yearly: $3.33 per month

PIA VPN Prime Video - Pricing

4. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is a reliable VPN service that prioritizes speed, security, and anonymity. With CyberGhost, you can keep your internet activity hidden from prying eyes, including your ISP, hackers, advertisers, and government agencies. By encrypting your online traffic and masking your real IP address, CyberGhost ensures that your streaming, torrenting, gaming, shopping, banking, and browsing activities remain private and secure.

Why CyberGhost VPN?

No Logs Policy: Adheres to a strict no-logs policy, meaning they never track, share, or sell your data. Their headquarters in Romania also benefit from strong privacy laws, providing an extra layer of protection for your online privacy.

Strong Encryption: Utilizes industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption to hide your location and scramble your internet traffic. This powerful encryption ensures that your sensitive information remains secure and your online activities are kept private.

Large Server Fleet: With a large fleet of VPN servers across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, CyberGhost VPN allows you to access your favorite content from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to bypass geo-restrictions or enhance your online privacy, CyberGhost has you covered.

Fast Speeds: CyberGhost VPN is known for its exceptional speed, making it ideal for streaming live sports, downloading large files, and playing online games. Enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted online experience with the fastest VPN on the market.

Money-Back Guarantee: Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can try their service risk-free. If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first 45 days, you can request a hassle-free refund with no questions asked.

24/7 Support: Provides customer support 24/7, offering assistance via live chat or email. Their dedicated support team is available to help you with any inquiries or issues you may have, ensuring a prompt and reliable response in multiple languages.


CyberGhost VPN is compatible with the following applications:

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux.


CyberGhost VPN can be used on various platforms, including:

Computers, Routers, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Game consoles.


CyberGhost VPN offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs:

1 Month: $12.99 per month

2 Years + 2 Months: $2.19 per month

6 Months: $6.99 per month

CyberGhost VPN Prime Video Streaming - Pricing

5. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is a secure online VPN service that allows you to stop snooping ISPs and third-party trackers on all your devices. With Surfshark VPN, you can enable a VPN connection to prevent companies, hackers, or bots from tracking you online.

Why Surfshark VPN?

Browse Privately: Surfshark encrypts your internet activity so that no one can track or steal your data.

Change Your IP: Increase your privacy and avoid tracking by using a different IP address.

Travel Securely: Keep your digital freedom and security while using unprotected networks.

Block Ads and Malware: Stop annoying ads and protect against attacks with CleanWeb.

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi: Protect your data and privacy while using Wi-Fi networks you don’t trust.

Hide Your Location: Change your IP address to hide your location and avoid tracking.


macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.


Fire TV, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Edge, computers, laptops, smart TV.


1 Month: $12.95 per month

24 Months: $2.39 per month

12 Months: $3.99 per month

Surfshark VPN Watching Prime Video - Pricing

6. PureVPN

PureVPN is known as the best VPN money can buy, offering the fastest VPN service. With PureVPN, you can break free from location restrictions and enjoy more of what you love online. It provides hassle-free access to the content you desire.

Why PureVPN?

Strong Security Protocols: PureVPN supports the world’s best security protocols, including WireGuard, ensuring your online activities remain secure and protected.

Smart Server Selection: With PureVPN’s smart algorithm, you can effortlessly connect to the fastest available server, ensuring optimal performance and speed.

One-Click Protection: Protecting yourself is just a click away. With PureVPN, you can easily turn any network into a private and secure connection.

Multi-Login: PureVPN allows you to protect up to 10 of your devices simultaneously with a single VPN account, providing comprehensive coverage across all your devices.

Hypersonic Speed: Enjoy blazing-fast streaming and browsing with PureVPN’s ultra-fast 20Gbps connection, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted online experiences.

Fast Lane: Take control of your online security by choosing which apps and data you want PureVPN to protect, giving you the freedom to customize your VPN usage.


Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chromebook.


Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Huawei), Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, Computers.


1 Month: $10.95 per month

24 + 3 Months: $2.08 per month

12 Months: $3.32 per month

PureVPN Amazon Prime Streaming - Pricing

7. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN offers online privacy made easy, providing the fastest VPN service. With IPVanish, your internet traffic is securely routed through your chosen server, ensuring protection for your online identity and preventing monitoring by advertisers and network hackers.

Why IPVanish VPN?

Simplified Data Protection: Defend your online data with just one tap using the IPVanish VPN app. Enjoy the convenience of advanced settings that automatically protect your online activity, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Powerful Internet Privacy: IPVanish shields your internet traffic with anonymous IP addresses, keeping your online activities safe from third-party spying. Protect your Wi-Fi network connection, safeguard your location data, and maintain confidentiality with the best online privacy shield.

Advanced Encryption: Your connections are safeguarded with robust end-to-end security to handle personal data securely.

No Logs: IPVanish protects your VPN usage with a verified no traffic logs policy, ensuring that your online activities remain private and confidential.

Innovative Technology: IPVanish utilizes the latest advancement in VPN protocols, WireGuard®, to power your traffic and provide a cutting-edge VPN experience.


Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook.


Laptops, Mobiles, Smart TVs.


1 Month: $11.99 per month

2 Years: $2.96 per month

Yearly: $3.33 per month

IPVanish VPN Amazon Prime - Pricing

8. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a security-focused free VPN service developed by scientists from CERN and MIT. This VPN prioritizes your online security by encrypting your internet traffic and ensuring that your passwords and confidential data remain safe, even when connected to public or untrusted internet networks.

Why Proton VPN?

Stream from Anywhere: Proton VPN allows you to access a wide range of popular online media services from anywhere in the world, as if you were at home. With our fast server network and unique VPN Accelerator technology, you can enjoy a smooth, buffering-free streaming experience.

VPN Accelerator: Proton VPN’s VPN Accelerator is a set of cutting-edge technologies that can significantly increase VPN speeds by over 400%. By overcoming CPU limitations, reducing latency through advanced networking techniques, and optimizing VPN protocols, our VPN Accelerator ensures impressive speed performance.

Easy to Use: They understand that even the best security tools are only effective if they are used correctly and consistently. That’s why they have designed the Proton VPN interface to be incredibly intuitive, ensuring that you can stay protected effortlessly, every day.

Fast VPN Speeds: With a server network boasting 10 Gbps capacity and our unique suite of VPN Accelerator technologies, Proton VPN delivers exceptional speeds. Their advanced network TCP flow control algorithm provides unparalleled performance and connection stability.

Free VPN: Offer a free version of Proton VPN to the public, without any catches. They don’t serve ads or sell your browsing history. Proton VPN Free is made possible by the support of our paid users. If you value online privacy, consider upgrading to a paid plan for faster speeds and additional features.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, Android TV and iOS/iPadOS


Smart Devices and computers


1 Month: $9.99 per month

24 Months: $4.99 per month

12 Months: $5.99 per month

Proton vpn Amazon Prime Video - pricing

9. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN service that prioritizes online security by changing your IP address and encrypting your connections, ensuring private browsing and protecting your data.

Why Atlas VPN?

Data Breach Monitor: With Atlas VPN’s comprehensive detection mechanisms, we continuously search the internet to investigate whether your personal details have been exposed online. We prioritize your security and keep you informed about potential data breaches.

Solid No-Logs Policy: Atlas VPN highly value your privacy. Therefore, we have implemented a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that we do not collect any details about our users’ activities, DNS queries, or other data that could be linked to our users. Your information remains private and secure.

Superior Web Traffic Encryption: Employs robust encryption protocols such as ChaCha20 and AES-256 to safeguard your data. We craft secure tunnels using IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard, adding SHA-384 and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) measures to enhance the security of your connections.

Change Your Location: By connecting to any of the available Atlas VPN servers, you can hide your IP address and avoid unnecessary location tracking. Change your virtual location and enjoy a more private online experience.

Network Kill Switch: Atlas Network Kill Switch is a small but powerful mechanism that automatically halts all online activities if your VPN connection becomes unstable. This prevents any potential IP/DNS leaks, ensuring that your online activities remain secure and private.


Windows, mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, Fire TV Stick.


All smart devices, laptops & computers


3 Years + 3 Months: $1.83 per month

1 Year: $4.08 per month

1 Month: $11.99 per month

Atlas VPN Amazon Prime Video - Pricing

10. Hotbot VPN

HotBot VPN is a fast, anonymous, and unlimited VPN service that aims to protect your IP address and personal data. With a strong emphasis on privacy and security, HotBot VPN ensures that your online activities remain private and secure. The service offers lightning-fast servers in multiple countries, allowing you to browse the internet freely and securely with just one click, no matter where you are.

Why HotBot VPN?

Incredibly Fast Connections: HotBot VPN provides maximum download speeds with no restrictions, ensuring a fast and seamless browsing experience. You can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, giving you flexibility and convenience.

Multiple Server Locations: With over 2000 server locations worldwide, HotBot VPN offers extensive coverage, allowing you to access the internet without limitations. Whether you need a server in a specific country or region, HotBot VPN has you covered.

Multiple Devices: HotBot VPN allows you to use the service on multiple devices with a single account. Whether you’re using Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS, you can enjoy the benefits of HotBot VPN across all your devices.

Anonymous Browsing: HotBot VPN enables anonymous online browsing, providing you with the ability to make discreet Bitcoin transactions, access Tor sites, and safely download files across P2P networks or IRC.

Real Customer Support: HotBot VPN offers dedicated customer support with real agents who can assist you with any questions or troubleshooting needs. Their support team is available to help you set up the VPN service and address any concerns you may have.

Instant Privacy & Security: By hiding your true IP address and encrypting your network data, HotBot VPN ensures your privacy and security online. With one quick connection, you can enjoy total security and peace of mind.


Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android TV.


Laptops, computers & smart devices.


1 Years: $3.33 per month

1 Month: $9.68 per month

Hotbot VPN Prime Video - Pricing

11. Windscribe

Windscribe is a comprehensive VPN solution that offers both a desktop application and a browser extension. It combines the functionality of a VPN with ad blocking capabilities, providing users with enhanced privacy and the ability to access blocked content.

Why Windscribe?

Large Network: Boasts servers in over 63 countries and 110 cities, allowing users to connect to a wide range of locations across the globe.

R.O.B.E.R.T.: R.O.B.E.R.T. feature allows users to block IPs and domains of their choice on all devices, providing an extra layer of control over their online experience.

No Identifying Logs: Windscribe has a strict no-logs policy, which means that they do not collect any personally identifiable information based on IP addresses and timestamps.

Strongest Encryption: To ensure maximum security, Windscribe utilizes AES-256 cipher with SHA512 authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key. This robust encryption protocol safeguards your data from unauthorized access.

Config Generators: Offers the convenience of generating OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard® configurations for all your devices. This allows for easy setup and seamless integration with various platforms.

ScribeForce: Provides Team Accounts, allowing users to create collaborative accounts under a single subscription. This feature is accompanied by a cool name – ScribeForce.


Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Android, Linux.


IPhone, FireTV, Huawei, Routers, desktop, laptop and all smart devices.


Monthly: $9.00 per month

Yearly: $5.75 per month

Build A Plan: $0.00per month

Windscribe Prime Video Streaming - Pricing

12. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a highly trusted and rapidly growing VPN provider that offers a secure and private online experience. With a dedicated support team and a commitment to user satisfaction, PrivateVPN aims to provide the fastest and most affordable VPN service in the industry.

Why PrivateVPN?

Safety: Ensures strong encryption to protect your data, personal information, and communications from hackers and thieves. With their advanced security measures, you can browse the internet with peace of mind, whether you’re connected at home or using public Wi-Fi.

Speed: Offers high-speed connections, allowing you to enjoy a seamless online experience without compromising on security. Whether you’re streaming content, downloading files, or browsing the web, PrivateVPN ensures fast and reliable performance.

Privacy: With PrivateVPN, you can hide your IP address and location, providing you with complete anonymity and online privacy. By masking your identity, you can protect yourself from marketers, search engines, and government surveillance, maintaining your privacy and freedom online.

No logs: Prioritizes user privacy by strictly adhering to a no-logs policy. They do not monitor or log your online activities, ensuring that your personal details are never shared with anyone. This commitment to privacy gives you the freedom to browse the internet without worrying about your data being tracked or monitored.


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.


All smart devices & computers.


1 Month: $9.90 per month

36 Months: $2.00 per month

3 Months: $6.00 per month

PrivateVPN Watching Prime Video - Pricing

13. PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN is a fast and secure VPN service that you can trust. Based in Switzerland, PrivadoVPN ensures your privacy by operating under the strong consumer privacy laws of the country. With a zero-log policy, your data remains protected and inaccessible to outside agents.

Why PrivadoVPN?

Safely Access: PrivadoVPN allows you to defeat censorship and securely access your favorite entertainment content from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s music, videos, social media, or more, PrivadoVPN provides fast and unlimited VPN access, ensuring you can watch, chat, and listen without restrictions.

A No-Cost VPN: Offers an impressive free VPN service. By signing up, you can download their VPN apps on your preferred devices and instantly protect 10GB of data every 30 days, all with no obligation. The free service includes access to 12 global servers and robust VPN protocols. You’ll enjoy IP masking, stable transfers, and point-to-point encryption, providing you with the same level of protection as a paid VPN plan.

Connect Instantly with the App: Provides a user-friendly app for desktop and mobile devices. With the app, you can easily connect to the fastest VPN server based on your location or choose from a wide selection of servers in 47 countries. With just one click, all your network data will be encrypted, anonymized, and sent through a secure tunnel to its destination.

Advanced Encryption: Ensures your privacy with 256-bit AES encryption, the same level of encryption used by the US government for classified files. Your secure files will be protected end-to-end while using PrivadoVPN.

Ad Blocker: Offers an ad blocker feature that prevents intrusive ads from disrupting your online experience. By blocking tracking cookies and targeted advertisements, you can browse the internet without unwanted distractions.

Threat Protection: With PrivadoVPN’s threat protection suite, you can safeguard yourself against malware, phishing attempts, and other online threats. By enabling this feature on all your devices, you can enjoy a safer online experience.

Parental Controls: Provides parental controls to protect your children when they go online. You can control their access to social media platforms and prevent bad actors from preying on them, no matter where they are.


Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, FireTV, AndroidTV.


Desktop, Laptop, Mobiles & smart devices.


1 Month: $10.99 per month

24 Months: $1.99 per month

12 Months: $2.50 per month

PrivadoVPN Amazon Prime Streaming - Pricing

FAQs on Streaming Amazon Prime Videos With a VPN

1. Can I watch Amazon Prime Video with a VPN?

Yes, it is possible to watch Amazon Prime Video with a VPN. By connecting to a VPN server in a country where Amazon Prime Video is available, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access the content library of that region.

2. Do I need a specific VPN to watch Amazon Prime Video?

While not all VPNs may work with Amazon Prime Video, many reputable VPN services are compatible. It’s important to choose a VPN that has servers in the country where you want to access Amazon Prime Video and has the capability to bypass the platform’s VPN detection mechanisms.

3. Can I use a free VPN to watch Amazon Prime Video?

While some free VPNs may work with Amazon Prime Video, it’s worth noting that free VPNs often have limitations such as data caps, slower speeds, and fewer server options. Additionally, Amazon Prime Video actively blocks many free VPN services, so there is no guarantee of reliable access. It is generally recommended to use a reputable paid VPN service for a better streaming experience.

4. How do I set up a VPN for Amazon Prime Video?

To set up a VPN for Amazon Prime Video, you need to follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service that supports streaming and has servers in the desired country.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  • Open the VPN app and log in using your credentials.
  • Connect to a VPN server in a country where Amazon Prime Video is available.
  • Once the connection is established, launch the Amazon Prime Video app or website and start streaming.

5. Can I use a VPN to bypass Amazon Prime Video region locks?

A: Yes, a VPN can help you bypass region locks imposed by Amazon Prime Video. By connecting to a VPN server in a country where the content is available, you can make it appear as if you’re accessing the service from that location, allowing you to watch region-restricted content.

6. Can Amazon Prime Video detect my VPN?

A: Amazon Prime Video actively tries to detect and block VPN usage. However, some VPNs have advanced techniques to evade these detection methods, allowing users to access Amazon Prime Video content even while using a VPN.

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