Planhat vs. Gainsight: Which Dominates In Customer Success?

In the digital business landscape, customer success has emerged as a critical metric for growth and sustainability. Companies now leverage platforms like Planhat and Gainsight to streamline their customer success operations and drive higher user satisfaction. These platforms, distinguished by their unique features and capabilities, offer businesses an opportunity to optimize their relationships with customers effectively. However, in a market teeming with options, choosing between Planhat and Gainsight can be a daunting task for businesses aiming to excel in customer success.

To help you make an informed decision, this article embarks on a comprehensive comparison of Planhat and Gainsight from multiple perspectives. We will delve into each platform’s features, pricing structure, integrations, user experience, support services, client feedback, scalability potential, and security measures. This detailed analytical approach aims not only at highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms but also at revealing which among them delivers superior value in facilitating customer success. Read on as we unravel the intricate layers of these industry-leading platforms to aid your understanding and guide your choice.


The article provides a comprehensive comparison between Planhat and Gainsight, two leading platforms in the customer satisfaction field, covering various aspects such as features, pricing, integrations, user experience, support services, client feedback, scalability, and security measures.

In terms of scalability, Planhat stands out with its adaptable architecture that supports rapid scaling, advanced automation features, and data analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to handle increasing customer volumes seamlessly.


Overview: Planhat And Gainsight

Let’s dive into the world of these two titans in the customer satisfaction arena and see who truly reigns supreme.

Planhat, a Sweden-based company, provides an intuitive platform that helps businesses streamline their Customer Success (CS) processes, offering features like CS automation, customer segmentation, health scores, churn prediction, and renewal management.

On the other hand, we have Gainsight, headquartered in San Francisco, which is a leading player in the industry with their robust solution designed for managing client success throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

When it comes to market presence and competitive landscape, Gainsight has been around longer than Planhat and thus enjoys a larger user base and broader recognition globally. However, take your time to dismiss Planhat as they have carved out a respectable niche within Europe where they boast some impressive clients from various sectors.

Comparing deployment options between both platforms reveals similar offerings a SaaS model with mobile application support. This ensures users can access their respective tools anytime and anywhere providing flexibility in operations.

Innovation capabilities are another crucial aspect when comparing these two giants. One could argue that Gainsight shows more innovation due to its wider array of functionalities including product analytics, voice of the customer programs, and AI-powered insights.

But let's not forget Planhat. They've made significant strides by integrating multiple data sources across different areas of business such as sales, marketing, or product usage to provide a comprehensive understanding of customers' behaviors and trends. Also noteworthy are Planhat's efforts towards improving User Experience (UX), making it easier for teams to collaborate on tasks related to customer retention and growth strategies.

Features: A Comparative Analysis

Diving into the features, it’s time to break down how these two titans stack up against each other. This analysis could dramatically impact your business strategy.

When considering Feature Availability, both Planhat and Gainsight offer comprehensive tools for customer success management. They are on par with industry standards in terms of their offerings such as predictive analytics, customer segmentation, collaboration tools, and more. However, when you look at Customization Options, there’s a slight edge towards Planhat. It offers more flexibility allowing businesses to tailor-make their interfaces according to specific needs.

Now shifting our focus to Performance Efficiency, Gainsight has built quite a reputation for providing robust services without compromising speed or efficiency. On the other hand, while users have praised Planhat for its intuitive design and ease of use, some reports suggest minor lags during high data usage periods.

Another feature worth noting is Mobile Accessibility – an area where Gainsight leads due to its well-designed mobile application offering full functionality. Unfortunately, Planhat currently lacks a dedicated mobile app but performs reasonably well on mobile browsers.

Lastly, let's talk about Advanced Analytics which is crucial in gaining insights and making informed decisions based on user behavior patterns. Here again, it’s neck-to-neck competition between both platforms; they provide exceptional reporting capabilities along with real-time dashboards displaying key metrics in visually appealing formats.

Now let us summarize this comparison through the table below:

Features Planhat Gainsight
Feature Availability Comprehensive Suite Comprehensive Suite
Customization Options High Flexibility Moderate Flexibility
Performance Efficiency Minor Lags Reported Robust & Efficient
Mobile Accessibility No Dedicated App Full-Featured App Available
Advanced Analytics Exceptional Reporting Capabilities Outstanding Analytical Tools

Remember, while both tools offer a great deal of functionality and are top-rated in the customer success industry, your choice should ultimately depend on matching the specific needs of your business to what each platform can provide.

Pricing Structure: Which Provides More Value?

Exploring the financial implications, we now turn our attention to the pricing structure of these platforms and evaluate which offers a better return on investment.

Planhat pricing adopts an annual subscription model, where its customers pay for a year's worth of services upfront. This can be advantageous in terms of cost efficiency if you have a large customer base or require comprehensive functionality from your Customer Success Platform (CSP).

When we talk about the pricing model of Gainsight, it utilizes a more flexible approach with options for both monthly and annual payments, depending on what suits their clients’ needs best. When it comes to hidden costs, both platforms are fairly transparent; there aren’t any surprise charges lurking in the fine print.

Diving deeper into the value proposition offered by each platform, it’s essential to consider not just the dollar amount attached but also what you’re getting in return. In other words, deciphering whether the features provided align well with your business requirements is critical before making a decision based purely on price comparison.

For instance, Gainsight delivers robust data analytics tools that provide valuable insights into customer behavior patterns offering great value for businesses heavily reliant on data-driven strategies. On another note, Planhat shines when it comes to user-friendliness & intuitive design – raising its value quotient for organizations prioritizing ease of use while managing their customer success operations.

Finally, let’s delve into an objective ROI analysis. While Gainsight might initially seem pricier than Planhat due to its premium positioning in the market, companies must weigh this against potential revenues brought about by superior functionality and feature-rich interface that could help retain high-value customers longer-term.

Conversely, Planhat’s affordable pricing paired with its strong focus on simplicity and user experience make it a worthwhile consideration for small-to-medium-sized enterprises looking for immediate cost savings without sacrificing basic CSP functionalities.

The ultimate choice between Planhat vs. Gainsight in terms of pricing will be contingent on your specific business needs, customer success goals, and budgetary constraints.

Integrations: Exploring Compatibility

To fully comprehend the functionality and utility of both platforms, it is critical to evaluate their integration capabilities with other commonly used business systems. Integration Flexibility plays a crucial role in determining how well these customer success solutions can adapt and cooperate with varying software environments.

Planhat boasts an open API that allows for seamless synchronization with various CRM, support, marketing automation, billing, and custom-built tools. This sets the stage for enhanced cross-platform performance resulting in improved productivity and efficiency levels within organizations.

Gainsight, on the other hand, offers compatibility with a wide variety of third-party applications as well. Its Salesforce-centered design ensures Software Compatibility without compromising on its own robust set of features. Notably, though, some users have reported limitations when it comes to integrating Gainsight with non-Salesforce platforms which could potentially pose challenges for businesses not heavily reliant on the Salesforce ecosystem.

When comparing both platforms in terms of Cross-Platform Functionality, Planhat appears to offer a more versatile approach due to its ability to integrate seamlessly with diverse types of software ecosystems despite any potential Integration Limitations.

However, if your organization’s operations are primarily based around Salesforce products or you require deeper insights into Salesforce data then Gainsight would be more appropriate considering its specialized focus in this area.

Ultimately, the choice between Planhat and Gainsight will depend largely on specific organizational requirements and existing system landscapes. Therefore, choosing the tool that promises Seamless Integration while meeting unique business needs should be prioritized over-generalized comparisons.

User Experience: Evaluating Ease Of Use

Evaluating the ease of use in user experience is like peeling an orange; you want to easily access the juicy segments inside without much struggle or mess.

When it comes to Planhat and Gainsight, both platforms have designed their customer success tools with a focus on providing users with a seamless journey from start to finish. Beginning with the Interface Design, Planhat offers a clean, intuitive layout that makes navigating through different features easy for any user. On the other hand, Gainsight’s interface design is also user-friendly but requires some getting used to due to its extensive feature set.

The aspect of Navigation Simplicity plays a crucial role in determining which platform dominates in terms of user experience. In this regard:

  1. Planhat excels by offering simple navigation menus and quick-access buttons.
  2. Gainsight, while having comprehensive options, may seem overwhelming initially but becomes easier as users familiarize themselves.
  3. The Onboarding Process offered by both platforms is straightforward; however, Planhat takes slight precedence due to its organized structure.
  4. As far as User Training goes, both platforms offer detailed guides and tutorials although Gainsight provides more extensive training resources including webinars and certification programs.
  5. Lastly, when looking at Software Customization, Gainsight appears slightly ahead because they offer customization depending on business needs whereas Planhat's customization capability is somewhat limited.

Given these points, it can be deduced that choosing between Planhat and Gainsight largely depends on what your organization prioritizes: simplicity or sophistication. If your team prefers an uncomplicated yet efficient toolset with an effortless learning curve then Planhat would be the ideal choice for your customer success needs. However, if your organization leans towards thoroughness over simplicity and values robust training resources, then Gainsight’s extensive features and detailed user training programs may be the superior option.

Ultimately, both Planhat and Gainsight have their strengths in terms of user experience but it is your organization’s specific requirements that will ultimately determine which platform dominates in customer success.

Support Services: Weighing The Help Offered

Diving into the realm of support services, let us weigh and contrast what both platforms have to offer in terms of help and assistance.

While both Planhat and Gainsight provide multiple channels for customer service, including email, phone, dedicated account managers, and knowledge bases, there are a few differences that set them apart when it comes to Live Chat Efficiency.

Being a small company relative to Gainsight, Planhat can afford to be more agile with its live chat feature; you’re likely to get faster responses due to less queue time. On the other hand, Gainsight’s larger size means they have a higher volume of chats but also more staff members who specialize in specific areas which could mean gaining expert advice.

Moving on from Live Chat Efficiency we come across another crucial factor: Ticket Resolution Speed.

Once again Planhat manages to shine here as its relatively smaller client base allows quicker turnaround times. However, given Gainsight's vast experience dealing with complex issues stemming from larger clients does allow them an edge in solving intricate problems efficiently.

Furthermore, while considering international customers or businesses expanding globally, the presence (or lack thereof) of Multilingual Support becomes vital. Here too Planhat takes the lead by offering multilingual support something yet not available at scale within Gainsight.

Finally touching upon Self-Service Options, both companies fare well in providing comprehensive knowledge bases filled with articles that cater specifically to common queries – essentially enabling users to solve minor issues independently without reaching out for direct support.

As for after-sales service? Both platforms understand the importance of nurturing relationships post-sale through regular check-ins or follow-ups; however, where Gainsight provides scheduled touchpoints that feed directly into their Health Scorecard system (a valuable tool for gauging customer satisfaction), Planhat offers personalized After-Sales Follow-ups tailored to each client's specific needs.

Client Feedback: Understanding User Satisfaction

Shifting our focus to client feedback, we aim to uncover the level of user satisfaction and understand the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms as perceived by their users. This involves a comprehensive review of various components like feedback collection, analysis of satisfaction metrics, interpretation of user survey data, management response to negative feedback, as well as validation through user testimonials.

The objective is not just to gauge what works but also to identify areas for improvement from real user experiences.

When it comes to Planhat, there’s considerable praise for its intuitive interface and excellent customer support. User reviews frequently mention how helpful the team behind Planhat is in resolving issues and accommodating feature requests. However, some users have noted that despite its robust functionality, it can be overwhelming initially due to a lack of adequate tutorials or guides.

It seems overall, Planhat shines with:

  • High-quality user experience
  • Effective problem resolution
  • Willingness to adapt based on feedback

On the other hand, Gainsight has received commendations for its powerful analytics capabilities which help businesses make data-driven decisions. Its extensive features are seen as an asset though they come with a steep learning curve which may put off new users. While most users appreciate the platform's proactive approach toward incorporating suggestions into updates, there have been complaints about occasional glitches post-implementation.

So evidently Gainsight excels at:

  • Providing insightful reports
  • Continual innovation driven by user needs
  • Swift action on negative feedback

Ultimately, while both platforms demonstrate high levels of commitment towards enhancing customer success journey; they exhibit distinct pros and cons based on user feedback. It will essentially boil down to individual business requirements when choosing between Planhat’s superior user experience versus Gainsight's advanced analytical prowess.

Scalability: Assessing Growth Potential

As we traverse the avenue of scalability, understanding how these platforms may or may not support your business as it expands becomes a critical point of discussion. When assessing Growth Capacity, Planhat seems to have an adaptable architecture that can accommodate rapid scaling. It comes with advanced automation features and data analytics capabilities allowing businesses to handle increasing customer volumes seamlessly.

On the other hand, Gainsight similar to its alternatives focuses on its robust predictive analytics tools, which could provide insightful forecasts for future growth trajectories but might present some Scalability Limitations. Its customization options are more rigid compared to Planhat, potentially stifling fast-paced expansion.

Delving deeper into their respective Expansion Strategies, both companies demonstrate different approaches. Planhat’s strategy revolves around providing customers with extensive training resources and 24/7 global customer support services. This approach ensures clients have all they need to grow rapidly without stumbling upon any technological roadblocks along the way.

However, Gainsight bets on strategic partnerships and integrations with leading CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. By doing so, it allows users to tap into existing ecosystems thereby streamlining processes and enhancing scalability prospects.

Lastly, in terms of Technological Evolution and Future Projections, both platforms show promise yet display distinct strengths. While Gainsight heavily invests in artificial intelligence capabilities aiming at predictive analysis for churn rates and upselling probabilities, Planhat keeps pushing boundaries by constantly adding new functionalities responding directly to emerging industry trends and client needs.

To sum up, choosing between these two depends largely on the specific requirements of your business including the anticipated rate of growth, the preferred method of expansion, and reliance on futuristic technology solutions in maintaining optimal customer success levels.

Security Measures: Ensuring Data Protection

Securing sensitive data diligently becomes a paramount priority, prompting us to probe into the protective protocols put in place by these platforms.

Both Planhat and Gainsight are committed to preserving the integrity of customer information through advanced Data Encryption techniques. Every piece of data that enters their systems is encrypted both at rest and in transit, ensuring no unauthorized access or potential breaches. They also employ robust firewall protection and anti-virus software to combat any possible Cyber Threats, enhancing overall security.

However, it’s not only about preventing unwanted intrusions; compliance with international regulations is equally critical. This brings us to:

  1. GDPR: Both companies adhere strictly to the General Data Protection Regulation standards set by the EU.
  2. HIPAA: Their privacy policies align well with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requirements for handling health-related data.
  3. ISO 27001: Planhat and Gainsight hold this internationally recognized certification for implementing an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  4. SOC 2 Type II: They uphold Service Organization Control guidelines which emphasize operational effectiveness over time.

In terms of Cloud Security, Planhat compared to some of its alternatives operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most secure cloud services available today, while Gainsight employs Google Cloud Platform (GCP), renowned for its stringent security measures as well. The choice between AWS and GCP may boil down to personal preference or specific business needs since each offers comparable safety guarantees.

The final consideration here should be how seriously these organizations take their user’s privacy rights. A careful examination reveals that both firms have comprehensive Privacy Policies outlining exactly what information they collect, why they use it, who has access to it, how long they retain it, and under what circumstances they would disclose it. In essence, transparency forms a significant part of their approach towards securing customer trust.

To conclude this analysis on a high note – whether your concern lies in data encryption, compliance with legal standards, cloud security measures, or transparent privacy policies; both Planhat and Gainsight have meticulously designed their platforms to not just meet but exceed expectations.

Review Of Planhat And Gainsight

Navigating the expansive realm of Customer Success Platforms, we embark on a journey to explore the exceptional capabilities of Planhat and Gainsight. In this review of Planhat and Gainsight, we will scrutinize these two prominent solutions, shedding light on their distinctive features and advantages. Both platforms have carved their niche in the realm of customer success management, offering a range of strengths and unique attributes based on various factors like platform versatility, implementation process, training resources, software updates, and customization options.

Platform Versatility:

In this review of Planhat, it emerges as a user-friendly platform that caters to a diverse range of functionalities designed to accommodate different roles within your organization. It offers modules for tasks such as revenue forecasting, customer health scoring, and renewal management, among other features. On the other hand, Gainsight, in its Gainsight review, presents a more intricate but comprehensive structure, providing in-depth insights into customer usage patterns. This data is invaluable for proactive issue resolution and upselling initiatives. When choosing between Planhat and Gainsight, you must decide whether you prefer the simplicity offered by Planhat or the profound data analytics capabilities of Gainsight.

Implementation Process:

In our review of Planhat and Gainsight, we find that the ease of setup becomes a differentiating factor. Users often report that Planhat’s implementation process is streamlined and agile, while Gainsight may require some technical expertise due to its extensive range of features.

Training Availability:

Both Planhat and Gainsight offer robust support systems and abundant resources for user education. Nevertheless, Planhat gains a slight edge in our review, thanks to its excellent response times and dedicated account managers who guide users throughout their journey, ensuring they make the most of all available features.

Software Updates:

As dynamic entities, both platforms prioritize staying in tune with evolving market needs. They regularly release feature upgrades and enhancements, although it’s worth noting that, as some users have observed, Gainsight might be somewhat slower in deploying patches following an update.

Customization Options:

In this review of Planhat and Gainsight, the final aspect worth considering is customization. Both platforms come equipped with predefined templates to facilitate ease of use. However, Gainsight offers a greater degree of flexibility, allowing advanced users to tailor workflows to align with specific business requirements.

In conclusion, both Planhat and Gainsight have their distinct strengths, as highlighted in this Planhat review and Gainsight review. Planhat excels in its simplicity and user-friendliness, while Gainsight stands out with its extensive feature set and profound insights. The choice between them should be guided by your specific needs, your organization’s capacity for technical adaptation, and your preference for either simplicity or depth in data analytics.

Final Verdict: Planhat Or Gainsight?

It’s time to drop the anchor and decide which island – the user-friendly paradise of Planhat or the insightful depths of Gainsight – is your ultimate destination in the vast ocean of Customer Success Platforms.

Both are formidable contenders, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses that should be carefully considered before making a decision.

In terms of Market Dominance, it can be argued that Gainsight has a slight edge due to its larger customer base and longer presence in the market. However, Planhat is not far behind, steadily gaining traction with its modern, intuitive interface and robust features.

Planhat shines when it comes to Product Innovation. Its platform is designed from scratch for customer success teams, offering more direct solutions compared to Gainsight. The latter though excels in providing deep analytics insights and enterprise-level functionality but may come off as complex for smaller businesses.

When considering Acquisition Prospects, both have promising futures; however, Gainsight could offer better prospects given its established position within the industry.

Looking ahead at potential Future Developments, Planhat seems poised for continuous innovation driven by user feedback while Gainsight might focus on enhancing its already extensive suite of features rather than radical changes.

Upon reviewing the current Competitive Landscape, one cannot deny that both platforms occupy significant positions Gainsight largely caters to large enterprises seeking detailed insights and control over data whereas Planhat appeals more towards SMBs desiring ease-of-use without compromising on necessary functionalities.

Ultimately, deciding between these two powerhouses depends on your specific needs: if you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate solution with innovative features then Planhat would serve you well; however if comprehensive analytics and enterprise-level control are your priorities, Gainsight would be the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long have Planhat and Gainsight been in the customer success industry?
Planhat and Gainsight are both established players in the customer success industry. Gainsight has been a prominent figure since its founding in 2009, giving it over a decade of experience. On the other hand, Planhat entered the market later, being founded in 2015, but still holds about half a decade’s worth of industry experience. Both have evolved significantly during their respective timelines to maintain a strong market presence.

2. What are the unique selling propositions of Planhat and Gainsight?
Planhat’s unique selling points include its seamless platform integration, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options. On the other hand, Gainsight stands out with its robust data security measures and exceptional customer support. Both platforms are valuable tools for enhancing customer success.

3. Are there any additional hidden costs associated with either Planhat or Gainsight?
Both Planhat and Gainsight are transparent about their pricing, but there might be additional costs like implementation fees or charges for premium features. These hidden costs vary based on the subscription model you choose. It’s important to read contractual obligations carefully before signing up for either service to avoid unexpected expenses.

4. What kind of training or onboarding process is provided for new users by Planhat and Gainsight?
Both Planhat and Gainsight provide comprehensive training for new users. Planhat offers an intuitive user interface, with software compatibility across devices. Their customer support helps with data migration and enforces security measures. Similarly, Gainsight provides an in-depth onboarding process focusing on its platform’s features and functionalities, coupled with strong customer support. Both aim to make the transition smooth for new users.

5. Are there any significant customers or industries that Planhat and Gainsight specifically cater to?
Planhat and Gainsight both cater to a wide range of industries. Planhat’s customer success platform is used by businesses in SaaS, finance, healthcare, and more. Gainsight focuses on software companies, particularly those that offer subscription-based services. Both platforms have clients ranging from startups to large enterprises. They share several client success stories across multiple sectors demonstrating their effectiveness in diverse industry preferences.


Investigating the theory of dominance in customer success between Planhat and Gainsight, it’s clear that both platforms have their unique strengths. They offer a range of features designed to enhance user experience, provide excellent support services, ensure data protection, and promote growth potential. However, evaluating which one dominates is not straightforward as each caters to different customer needs. The final verdict truly depends on your specific business requirements and objectives. Both Planhat and Gainsight are robust tools for boosting customer success; the choice ultimately lies in what best fits your goals.

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