About Us

We all love having options to be on the safer side. Like there’s always a plan B for plan A. In a similar way, we bring to you a variety of software and product alternatives that you wish for. In uncountable times, when we search for the most suitable replacement, it has always been a long journey. But not anymore. This is how alternatives.co was born. Our main objective is to provide you with alternatives to softwares you are familiar with and want to replace.

How do we do it?

With the help of our Users' reviews and votes, we list down the best alternatives. Mostly, open to public opinion but heavily moderated. So that you get the perfect list of choices to go to. You can also become a part of our community by creating an account and sharing your valuable experience and reviews regarding the software alternatives you are using. We already have thousands of registered users and counting who have contributed to building this community.


Our vision is to have the biggest community helping people find alternative softwares.


Our mission is to become a leading platform for recommending the best and most reliable software and products.