Our software listings website describes and rates apps, tools, solutions, platforms and marketplaces specific to B2B and B2C sectors. is the place to get unbiased information about the best software currently available on the web. Whatever software you need to assist your new, existing, small, medium or large business, our detailed and categorised lists have a top option for you.


We are a dedicated team of software experts who, after the sheer frustration of sifting through masses of business-related internet services, decided to create We noticed very early on that nearly all websites which list or market business-related software advertise extremely varied experiences with different products. Either that or they copy each other word for word. After ploughing through hundreds of such websites we realised we were still completely in the dark. Which ones could we trust? Thanks to this time-consuming and very frustrating process, was born.

What do we actually do?

Our mission

After coming across way too many sponsored and paid reviews, empty promises and marketing ploys which make mediocre software look incredible on the surface but reveal their ugly side the moment you dig a little deeper, we came up with the idea of creating our own website. Agreeing that should be a set of clear, unbiased lists containing information and reviews of thoroughly researched software that we felt comfortable recommending, we got to work. As you can imagine, this didn’t happen overnight.

Reliable, trustworthy information

We have collected together reviews from over 29 pre-approved websites – not just the ones we think you want to hear. We have personally visited these websites; word of mouth is a great way to gain popularity, but reviews can not always be trusted. We make sure our listings are limited to those items and services we are convinced adhere to the same strict policies of transparency and honesty that we ourselves take huge pride in. Rather than completely depend on the opinions of others, we go the extra mile and research every single app, tool, addon, plugin, extension, suite, toolkit, platform, marketplace and service on our lists. That’s right, every single one.

How can help you?

Customise your software

Digital products change how we run our business. When we can integrate simple apps with other tools, we end up with a personalised structure which allows collaboration between departments, colleagues, clients and the general public. Software customised to your requirements means you avoid filling up your desktop with unnecessary programs that ultimately slow you down.

Whatever your level of training, we have a solution

Many mundane tasks can be automated through the installation of a simple app or line of code. Whether you are an advanced developer or can just about send an email, you will find plenty of options at

We save you time saves the time you would usually be forced to spend (we know, we’ve done it) sifting through the mind-blowing numbers of software choices available online. We give you plenty of options but promise only to include used and proved solutions. What do we get out of it? We benefit when you use our direct link to visit the sites that interest you.

New ideas

Simply check out the tools you think could be useful to you (or discover ones you never knew existed) and try them out. Think of collaborative accounting software which tracks time worked by outsourced services; maybe you need calendar scheduling for your clients and colleagues to make appointments without needing to call; add your product to a marketplace and integrate tools to track response or allow others to recommend it on social media with a single click. You might want help producing videos while storing the huge amount of video data with a separate hosting provider. All of these tasks can be made simple through the implementation of desktop and mobile device software.

Single task to complete service

Not only do we list services which take over the management of an entire department, we also include lots of tools and apps which simplify a single process. By looking through our lists you will avoid downloading useless software that creates more problems than it solves. Our lists include freeware and various paid subscriptions (or free trials), so there’s something for every budget.

Tried and tested choices

With, you decide what you want to do for yourself and which task(s) you feel comfortable in handing over to AI or outsourced human solutions. All we do is make your choice much, much easier by listing plenty of options which have been painstakingly reviewed by trusted sites and by ourselves, personally. In other words, you can trust our judgement.

So what makes different?

We’re not a get rich quick scheme

Rather than list every available app and giving it 5 stars, earned or not, then reap the rewards until our own reviews become so bad we have to pull our site, our team and personal work ethic means we have no choice but to go the long way round.

We do the research ourselves – honestly.

We are proud of the fact that we select top choices through trial and error, and even dare to mention the less positive aspects of the software we choose to include; nothing’s perfect, after all. By gaining your trust, we know that can keep on going for years to come. Honesty and transparency might not be the quickest way to get returns on our investment, but we are confident that our methods mean we can all benefit as time goes by.

Want to advertise on

If you’ve read to the end, you know that there are certain criteria your business will have to fulfill before being added to listings. If you comply with these criteria and would like us to include you on our website, please contact us. If you have a great product, platform or service, a spot on an list will guarantee results!

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