First and foremost, we (Alternatives.Co) feel your personal data is very important and private. We provide some useful information about how we treat information and use third-party integrations in the following sections. Take time to read through this warning.


Cookies are neither good nor bad, even if they may give you a different message. Cookies are used not only to monitor persons across the web but also to offer useful services. And these are the cookies we're using. There's nothing to be concerned about.

Usage Statistics

For aggregated statistics about our website visitors, we are using Google Analytics. To guarantee that no private data is acquired in this process, we incorporated an "anonymize-IP" function into the tracking code.

Social Media

On our website, we include Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as YouTube videos. As a result, be advised that the information you supplied to those firms through Facebook, Twitter, and Google is being used. Logging out of these services when you're not using them directly may help make it more difficult for them to track you.

Information From Other Sources

We may obtain and add additional information about you from affiliated organizations, business partners, and other third-party sources on a regular basis. For example, if you have registered with one of our business partners' websites and you have visited our Site through "clicking-through" from that partner's website, then information about you that you have provided to that partner may be shared with us.


We may display advertisements on this webpage to help with our server expenses, however, we are not using third-party ad integration that might betray your privacy.

1. An Overview Of Data Protection


When you visit our website, the following is a quick explanation of what happens to your personal information. Any data that may be used to identify you personally is personal information. In our privacy policy, which can be found below, we provide detailed information on the subject of data protection.

Data Collection On Our WebsiteWho is responsible for the data collection on this website?

The website operator processes the information collected on this site. The necessary legal notice on the website contains the operator's contact information.

Data collection process

When you share the data with us, some information is collected. This might be information you provide on a contact form, for example. When you visit the website, our IT systems collect additional data automatically. The browser and operating system you are using, as well as when you accessed the page, are among the most common kinds of technical information. As soon as you enter our website, these data are collected automatically.

What do we plan to do with your information?

To ensure the website's proper functioning, certain data is collected. Other data may be utilized to study user behavior on the website.

What rights do you have regarding your data?

You have the right to ask for information on the data's origin, recipients, and purpose of collection at no cost, every time you want it. You have the option of requesting that it be edited, blocked, or removed. If you have further questions about the topic of privacy and data protection, you may contact us at any time using the address provided in the legal notice. You can, of course, contact the appropriate regulatory bodies and lodge a complaint.

Analytics and third-party tools

Statistical studies of your surfing habits may be conducted when you are visiting our website. Cookies and analytics are used most often to accomplish this. Your surfing habits are typically anonymous, which is why they are analyzed. From this information, we will be unable to identify you. You may disagree with this analysis and choose not to utilize specific tools to avoid it. The following privacy policy contains a lot of useful information. This analysis may be challenged. In this regard, we'll provide you with the instructions below.

2. Information

Reviews/Content Publishing On Our Site

Your review(s) or comments will be publicly accessible on and off of our Site if you leave a review on the Site, or participate in a discussion board. If you choose, you may submit reviews and comments anonymously.

Review Submission

By participating in reviews and posts, you give Alternatives.Co permission to publish them and sub-license the material under our Terms of Use. This allows us to allow software product and service providers, as well as the operators of other publicly available websites, social media sites, platforms, or mobile apps to republish this content. (a) The publishers of software products and services to share this material on their websites, social media sites, or other marketing tools. You may always anonymously submit reviews and remarks, so no one except us will know you submitted the remark or review. You can retract or delete an attributed review you posted under your name if you change your mind later. Nevertheless, it is important to note that we have no way of knowing whether or not others had saved the information before the modification was printed or downloaded.

SSL or TLS Encryption

For security and the protection of the transmission of private information, such as your questions to us as the website operator, this site employs SSL or TLS encryption. When the lock icon appears in your browser's address bar and the connection is encrypted, you may know it is secure. The data you send to us cannot be read by third parties if SSL or TLS encryption is enabled

Opposition to Promotional Emails

In the situation of sending promotional and informative materials that were not specifically requested, we hereby expressly forbid the usage of contact data disclosed in connection with website legal notice requirements. If unsolicited advertising material, such as email spam, is received, the website operator reserves the right to take legal action.

Information, Blocking, Deletion

Under the law, you have the right to receive information free of charge about any of your personal data that is stored as well as its origin, recipient, and purpose for processing it at any time. This information might also be corrected, restricted, or removed if you so choose. If you have further questions on the topic of personal data, please contact us at any time using the address provided in our legal notice.

3. Data collection on our website


Cookies are used on some of our web pages. Cookies don't cause harm to your computer and aren't viruses. Our website is more user-friendly, efficient, and secure thanks to cookies. Small text files known as cookies are stored on your computer and saved by your browser.
"Session cookies" are the majority of the cookies we utilize. They are automatically deleted after your visit. Some cookies stay in your computer's memory even after you delete them. When you return to the site, these cookies allow you to identify your browser.
You may choose to be informed when your browser accepts or rejects a cookie by configuring it to notify you about it. Under certain circumstances, your browser may be stored to accept cookies immediately or to always reject them, or automatically delete cookies when closing. This website's functionality may be limited if cookies are disabled.

Registration on this website

In order to use additional functions available here, you may register on our website. The data provided will only be used to access the specified website or service for which you have registered. During registration, you must provide all of the required information. Otherwise, we will decline your application.
We'll use the email address provided during registration to notify you of significant changes, as well as technical changes, within the scope of our website.
Only under your consent, will we process the information provided during registration. You have the right to withdraw your permission at any time. This request may be made using an informal email. The data that was processed before we received your inquiry might still be legal. We will continue to store the data collected during registration for as long as you remain registered on our website. Statutory retention periods remain unaffected.

Leaving comments on this website

Unless you are posting anonymously, the time at which you made the comment and your email address will be saved along with your comment, as well as your username if you utilize the commentary feature on this website.

Storage of the IP address

The IP addresses of users who make comments are kept in our comment function. We need this information in order to be able to take action for unlawful or libelous material since we do not check comments before they go live.

Subscribing to the comment feed

After signing up, you can subscribe to the comment feed as a user of this site. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. By clicking the link in the emails, you may unsubscribe from this function at any time. If you have submitted this information to us for other reasons or elsewhere (such as signing up to a newsletter), it will be kept, but the information provided when you joined the comments stream will be deleted.

How long comments are stored

The comments, as well as the associated data (e.g., Until the material discussed has been completely deleted or the remarks are needed to be removed for legal reasons (slander, etc), IP addresses are kept and retained on our website.

4. Data Retention

Where we have a continuing legitimate business need, G2 keeps your personal information. For instance, to prevent, investigate, or identify possible unlawful activity in connection with the Site or to comply with legal requirements, we may retain your information. In our backup archives, we may also keep copies of your personal data. You may see retention periods in our Cookie Policy, change and/or disable certain cookies, as well as view personal information that has been gathered using such tracking technologies. It is important to note that closing an account will not delete the profile page, ratings, or reviews of any software product or service listed on the Site.

5. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change by Alternatives.Co. By either sending a notice to the email address you provided to us or by other methods that are appropriate to provide you with notice, we will notify you of material changes to this Privacy Policy. If and when needed by data protection rules, we will seek your approval for any significant Privacy Policy revisions.
By checking the “last updated” date shown at the top of this Privacy Policy, you may check when this Privacy Policy was most recently modified.