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The BitPay wallet for desktop and mobile devices allows you to manage your cryptocurrency finances. You can buy bitcoin via the wallet and they also offer a BitPay visa card. Multiple wallets are allowed and if you choose the top verification level (which will take time to authorize from six devices), security is guaranteed. Unlimited transactions for a 1% fee and they promise BTC-to-fiat and BCH-to-fiat exchange rates. For those businesses looking to add the most recent form of currency to their payment options, BitPay is definitely worth a closer look.

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i payed with bitpay wallet 100$ to skrill and now my money is lost between bitpay and skrill 2 scammers how work together to scame ppl Top reviewer

I first used their wallet to buy an Amazon gift card for around $250. Flawless. Gave me a code right away. I had some extra Bitcoin and wanted to expand my mining rig so I bought one for $1000. Did NOT work the same BUT they took my Bitcoin. I didn’t get a gift card… Top reviewer

Using BitPay, online sellers as well as merchants can sell anything and allow bitcoin as payment. BitPay increases the speed of transactions as it reaches with a quick and simple setup made for online payments. Many credit cards impose the charges of up to 3% in processing fees per transaction. BitPay provide a quite reasonable… Top reviewer

Like many other reviewers here, I had a bad experience with the BitPay customer service. What they are doing is probably not identity theft but looks close enough. Certainly they are mining your identity data. My Tier 2 application dragged on for more than a month. The documentation requests from the compliance team went in… Top reviewer

bitpay or more accurately bitscam, they will accept your payment in a fraction of a sec. but will take days or weeks to refund you, with lame excuses if lucky enough you are to get an answer. In case you are not complaining and give up, you will lose your money, don’t use this system… Top reviewer

Absolutely bizarre service.Wrote me an email to say a refund was on its way and then never provided refund. When questioned after dozens of emails their final response was: it was the merchant’s fault and “DON’T BOTHER US ANYMORE” (my capitals). Why would they promise a refund if they hadn’t already received both the instruction… Top reviewer

Poor bitcoin payment protocol implementation, gives invalid wallet addresses.Bitcoin Cash addresses not compatible with shapeshift ! Awful customer service. Top reviewer

Usually works but once when I sent the incorrect amount it took support 2 weeks to reply. Top reviewer

People need to be warned about the incompetence of Bitpay support!!! It is outrageous!! I lost about $2000 due to Bitpay incompetence!!! Their incompetence is truly astounding!!! Especially their support person Dana! I am trying to get someone competent to take over my ticket. I lost around $2000 due to astounding Bitpay incompetence.The incompetents at… Top reviewer

I have a bitpaywallet so i thought the idea of get a bitpay creditcard connected to my bitpaywallet was really good, and i didnt have to exchange my BTC, now i could just use mit bitpay creditcard instead…So i went through a long and demanding validating process, but it was cool it would be worth…

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