GoTo Meeting vs. Zoom: Which Video Conferencing Tool is Best?

In today’s digital era, video conferencing is essential for remote collaboration in businesses. Selecting the right tool within your budget is crucial. This article compares two popular options: GoTo Meeting and Zoom, examining features, pricing, setup, scheduling, and call quality. By the end, you’ll gain insights into each platform, helping you choose the best fit. 

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer reliable connections and user-friendly interfaces, but this article aims to guide you in making an informed decision based on your specific business requirements.

A Quick Overview of GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is a versatile video conferencing platform designed for seamless collaboration in the business environment. Offering an intuitive interface, it boasts features such as screen sharing, a meeting drawing tool, custom background options, and cloud recording capabilities. However, users can also check out GoTo Meeting alternatives to learn about similar tools that emphasize user-friendly interfaces and robust collaboration tools. 

A Quick Overview of Zoom

Zoom stands as a leading video conferencing platform, catering to diverse communication needs in professional settings. With an accessible interface, Zoom offers a range of features, including team chat for real-time collaboration, a versatile whiteboard tool, cloud storage for seamless data management, and the convenience of hosting unlimited meetings. But, when considering alternatives to Zoom, some platforms differentiate themselves by offering unique features and customization options.

Features Comparison For GoTo Meeting Vs Zoom


Features GoTo Meeting Zoom
Screen Sharing Allows participants to share their screens Provides screen sharing for effective presentations
Meeting Drawing Tool Offers a built-in tool for annotating and drawing on shared content Features a whiteboard tool for collaborative annotation
Custom Backgrounds Users can customize their background during video calls Supports virtual backgrounds for a personalized touch
Cloud Recording Enables the recording of meetings to the cloud for later access Provides cloud storage for storing recorded meetings
Presenter Control Allows presenters to control the flow of the meeting, managing attendees’ focus Empowers hosts with control over meeting activities
Team Chat Offers a chat feature for real-time communication during meetings Facilitates team chat for instant collaboration
Whiteboard Functionality Provides a collaborative digital whiteboard for brainstorming and visual collaboration Includes a versatile whiteboard tool for interactive sessions
Cloud Storage Offers cloud storage for storing documents and shared content Includes cloud storage options for seamless data management
Unlimited Meetings No restrictions on the number of meetings that can be hosted Allows for unlimited meetings, accommodating diverse schedules
HD Video Quality Delivers high-definition video for clear and crisp visuals Ensures high-quality video resolution for a professional look
Breakout Rooms Supports breakout rooms for smaller group discussions Enables the creation of breakout rooms for focused collaboration
Integration Options Integrates with various apps and tools for enhanced functionality Offers integration with a wide range of third-party applications
Meeting Analytics Provides analytics on meeting attendance and participant engagement Offers detailed meeting analytics for performance evaluation
Pricing Coming GoTo Meeting's pricing it offers two plans for small and medium-sized businesses. The pricing starts at $12 per month and can go up to $16 per month. With regards to Zoom's pricing, it offers four plans for different needs: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. It starts at $12.49 per user, per month and can go up to $18.
Virtual Backgrounds Offers a selection of virtual backgrounds for a polished video appearance Allows users to use virtual backgrounds for a professional setting

GoTo Meeting Vs Zoom: Features Comparison

1. Screen Sharing: 

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom excel in facilitating seamless screen sharing for enriched collaboration. In GoTo Meeting, users can effortlessly share their screens, enabling real-time presentations and document sharing. Zoom, on the other hand, provides a similarly robust screen-sharing feature, enhancing communication by allowing participants to showcase presentations, applications, or documents. Both platforms prioritize user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that screen sharing is intuitive and contributes to a dynamic and engaging virtual meeting experience.

2. Meeting Drawing Tool

In the realm of virtual collaboration, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer valuable Meeting Drawing Tools to enhance engagement. GoTo Meeting boasts a built-in drawing tool, empowering users to annotate and draw on shared content in real-time. Zoom, alternatively, provides a versatile whiteboard tool, fostering collaborative annotation and brainstorming during virtual meetings. Both features facilitate dynamic interactions, allowing participants to visually express ideas and contribute creatively, ensuring a more immersive and productive meeting experience on either platform.

3. Custom Backgrounds

In GoTo Meeting, participants can seamlessly customize their backgrounds, presenting a professional or personalized setting. Similarly, Zoom offers a versatile selection of virtual backgrounds, enhancing the visual appeal of meetings. Both platforms prioritize flexibility, enabling users to create a polished and visually appealing backdrop, contributing to a more engaging and professional virtual presence for participants on GoTo Meeting and Zoom alike.

4. Cloud Recording

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom prioritize seamless information retention through their Cloud Recording feature. GoTo Meeting allows users to effortlessly record and store meetings in the cloud, ensuring easy access for later review or sharing. Similarly, Zoom provides robust cloud recording capabilities, allowing users to capture and archive meetings for future reference. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Cloud Recording feature offers a convenient and accessible way to maintain a comprehensive record of virtual discussions, fostering efficient collaboration and knowledge retention.

5. Presenter Control

GoTo Meeting and Zoom empower hosts with Presenter Control, a pivotal feature for managing meeting flow. In GoTo Meeting, hosts can navigate seamlessly through presentations, controlling access and enhancing overall meeting dynamics. Similarly, Zoom offers robust Presenter Control, allowing hosts to manage the meeting pace and content delivery. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, this feature ensures a smooth and organized presentation, giving hosts the tools to guide discussions effectively and maintain a focused and productive virtual meeting environment.

6. Team Chat

In GoTo Meeting, participants can instantly exchange messages, share links, and coordinate seamlessly. Similarly, Zoom provides a robust Team Chat functionality, allowing for quick and efficient communication without disrupting the main discussion. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Team Chat feature ensures effective and immediate collaboration, enabling participants to communicate, clarify points, and share information in a streamlined manner during virtual meetings.

7. Whiteboard Functionality

GoTo Meeting provides a built-in digital whiteboard for collaborative annotation and brainstorming during sessions. Zoom, on the other hand, features a versatile whiteboard tool that enables participants to draw, annotate, and contribute ideas in real time. Whether using GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Whiteboard Functionality fosters interactive sessions, allowing participants to visually express ideas and collaborate dynamically, enhancing the overall creativity and engagement in virtual meetings.

8. Cloud Storage

GoTo Meeting and Zoom prioritize efficient data management with robust Cloud Storage features. GoTo Meeting allows users to store and access documents seamlessly in the cloud, ensuring easy collaboration. Similarly, Zoom offers cloud storage options, providing a centralized location for shared content. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, Cloud Storage enhances collaboration by offering a secure and accessible repository for documents, presentations, and other materials, facilitating streamlined workflows and ensuring participants have easy access to shared resources.

9. Unlimited Meetings

GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer unparalleled flexibility with their Unlimited Meetings feature, allowing users to host sessions without constraints. In GoTo Meeting, there are no restrictions on meeting frequency, providing the freedom to convene discussions at any time. Similarly, Zoom allows for unlimited meetings, ensuring teams can collaborate without limitations. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Unlimited Meetings feature supports dynamic and frequent collaboration, catering to diverse schedules and enabling seamless communication for teams and participants.

10. HD Video Quality

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom prioritize crystal-clear communication with their HD Video Quality feature. GoTo Meeting delivers high-definition video, ensuring participants experience clear and professional visuals. Similarly, Zoom emphasizes high-quality video resolution, enhancing the overall meeting experience. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the HD Video Quality feature contributes to a polished and engaging virtual presence, fostering effective communication and collaboration by providing participants with clear, crisp, and visually appealing video interactions.

11. Breakout Rooms

GoTo Meeting and Zoom empower hosts with the Breakout Rooms feature, facilitating focused discussions within larger meetings. In GoTo Meeting, hosts can create smaller groups for collaborative sessions, enhancing team interaction. Similarly, Zoom offers the ability to establish breakout rooms, allowing participants to engage in smaller, specialized discussions. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Breakout Rooms feature supports dynamic collaboration, enabling teams to address specific topics, brainstorm ideas, and foster meaningful interactions in a more intimate setting within the virtual environment.

12. Integration Options

GoTo Meeting and Zoom seamlessly integrate with a variety of third-party applications, enriching their functionalities. In GoTo Meeting, users can enhance collaboration by integrating with various apps and tools tailored to their business needs. Similarly, Zoom offers a wide range of integration options, allowing users to connect with essential applications. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, Integration Options empowers users to optimize their virtual meeting experience by incorporating additional features and tools that align with their unique workflows and business requirements.

13. Meeting Analytics

In GoTo Meeting, hosts can access valuable insights on meeting attendance and participant engagement, facilitating performance evaluation. Similarly, Zoom offers detailed Meeting Analytics, empowering hosts with data-driven metrics for a better understanding of session dynamics. Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Meeting Analytics feature enables hosts to gauge the effectiveness of virtual meetings, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance collaboration and communication within their respective platforms.

14. Pricing

GoTo Meeting offers two plans for small and medium-sized businesses: Professional and Business. The Professional plan costs $12 per organizer, per month. The Business plan costs $16 per organizer, per month. GoTo Meeting also offers an Enterprise plan for larger organizations that need up to 3,000 participants and custom packages. While, Zoom offers four plans for different needs: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is free and allows for unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants and 40 minutes per meeting. The Pro plan costs $12.49 per user, per month. The Business plan costs $18.33 per user, per month. The Enterprise plan is customized for larger organizations that need up to 1,000 participants and unlimited cloud storage.

15. Virtual Backgrounds

GoTo Meeting and Zoom enhance visual aesthetics with their Virtual Background feature, allowing users to modify their surroundings during video calls. In GoTo Meeting, participants can choose from a selection of virtual backgrounds, adding a professional or personalized touch. Similarly, Zoom offers a versatile array of virtual backgrounds, enabling users to present themselves in a polished and visually appealing setting.  Whether on GoTo Meeting or Zoom, the Virtual Background feature allows users to modify their surroundings, contributing to a polished and engaging presentation.

GoTo Meeting Vs Zoom – Which is Better?

Deciding between GoTo Meeting and Zoom often boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Both platforms offer robust features for virtual collaboration, yet certain distinctions may influence your choice.  For more detailed reviews you can check out GoTo Meeting reviews and Zoom reviews.

GoTo Meeting:

  • Known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup.
  • Provides advanced features like drawing tools and customizable backgrounds.
  • Offers comprehensive analytics for meeting performance evaluation.
  • Ideal for businesses prioritizing in-depth collaboration tools.


  • Widely recognized for its simplicity and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Features a versatile whiteboard tool and breakout rooms for interactive sessions.
  • Renowned for its reliability and high-quality video performance.
  • Appeals to a broad user base, from small teams to large enterprises.

Ultimately, the better choice depends on your specific requirements, preferences, and the nature of your virtual collaboration needs. Consider the unique features of each platform and how they align with your organization’s goals to make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a meeting?

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom allow you to schedule meetings through their respective platforms. Log in to your account, navigate to the scheduling section, and input the necessary details.

Can I join a meeting without an account?

Yes, participants can join meetings on both GoTo Meeting and Zoom without creating an account. Simply click on the meeting link or enter the meeting ID to join as a guest.

Are there mobile apps available for on-the-go meetings?

Both platforms offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Download the app from the respective app stores to join or host meetings from your mobile device.

What is the maximum number of participants allowed in a meeting?

The maximum number of participants varies based on your subscription plan. Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer different plans with varying participant limits. Check your plan details for specifics.

How do I share my screen during a meeting?

Screen sharing is a common feature in both GoTo Meeting and Zoom. Click the “Share Screen” button in the meeting interface, select the content you want to share, and click “Share” to present to participants.


In conclusion, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer powerful solutions for virtual collaboration, each with its unique strengths. GoTo Meeting excels in in-depth collaboration tools and analytics, making it ideal for businesses with comprehensive needs. Zoom, known for its simplicity and versatile features like breakout rooms, appeals to a broad user base. The choice ultimately hinges on your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring effective and tailored virtual meetings.

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