GoTo Meeting vs. Zoom: Which Video Conferencing Tool is Best?

Video conferencing has become an indispensable tool for businesses in the digital age, allowing for remote collaboration and communication. As such, it's important to choose the right video conferencing tool that meets your needs and budget. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular video conferencing tools: GoTo Meeting and Zoom. We will review their features, user interface, pricing plans, account setup, scheduling meetings, inviting participants, video call quality, and more. By the end of this article you should have a better understanding of each platform and which one is best for you.

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer powerful video conferencing solutions that enable teams to stay connected no matter where they are. Both tools provide reliable audio and video connections with easy-to-use interfaces. But which one is best? In this article, we will take a deep dive into these two platforms to get an in-depth understanding of their features and functionality so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right tool for your business needs.

GoTo Meeting vs Zoom: A Quick Overview

Comparing GoTo Meeting and Zoom can be a daunting task, but this quick overview should give you an idea of which one will fit the bill. Let’s start by taking a look at some features comparison between the two video conferencing tools. GoTo Meeting is very easy to use with its straightforward user interface. It has several pricing plans that are affordable for any budget, as well as account setup and scheduling meetings options that make it simple to get up and running quickly.

On the other hand, Zoom offers advanced features such as screen-sharing capabilities, HD audio, and video quality, as well as file sharing options. Additionally, its user interface is very intuitive and makes it easy for users to join conferences without any hassle. Furthermore, when it comes to pricing plans, there are multiple tiers available ranging from free personal accounts up to enterprise-level solutions that offer more features than GoTo Meeting does. Finally, both platforms provide convenient ways to set up accounts and schedule meetings in advance so you can always stay on top of your virtual gatherings.

In conclusion, while both GoTo Meeting and Zoom have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what kind of needs someone may have for their online meetings or webinars, overall they both provide reliable services for hosting virtual events with ease. Whether you’re looking for basic video conferencing capabilities or something more feature-rich like screen shareability or even enterprise-level solutions – either option could potentially work out great depending on your exact situation.

Did You Know

Zoom has more than 200 million daily meeting participants, more than double that of GoToMeeting which only has around 90 million.

Features Comparison

Wondering which video conferencing solution is right for you? Let’s take a closer look at the features of each! GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer excellent solutions that meet many different needs. Both platforms provide team collaboration, desktop sharing, audio quality, webinar hosting, and meeting hosting capabilities. However, there are some key differences between them.

GoToMeeting offers HD video and audio with up to 250 participants in one session. It also has an intuitive user interface and an extensive selection of integrations so users can easily access relevant data during their meetings. Moreover, it allows the host to record sessions for future reference or review by attendees who weren't able to attend. Additionally, its screen share feature ensures all presenters have equal control over what is shown on the shared screen.

Zoom stands out in terms of scalability: it supports up to 1,000 active participants per meeting or a 40-minute limit for group calls with three or more people. Furthermore, it offers robust security features such as encrypted communications and authentication options like two-factor verification and single sign-on (SSO). Also worth noting is its breakout room functionality allowing hosts to divide larger groups into smaller ones for better engagement opportunities among participants. In addition, Zoom provides real-time captions during meetings along with transcripts after they finish making sure everyone stays informed throughout the entire duration of the call.

Did You Know

GoTo Meeting has a larger screen share capacity than Zoom, allowing up to 300 people to view the same screen simultaneously.

User Interface

Both platforms have user interfaces that are designed for ease of use, but GoToMeeting offers an especially intuitive interface and an extensive selection of integrations. The UI design is top-notch with clear navigation capabilities from the home screen. It has a customizable layout which allows users to arrange windows in any order they choose. Additionally, it supports high-resolution screens so users can view video conferencing sessions clearly without pixelation or lag time.

The audio quality on both platforms is excellent; however, GoToMeeting also provides noise suppression features to reduce background interference during calls. This helps create a more professional atmosphere for long-term meetings between multiple people. Furthermore, its video quality is sharp and vibrant due to advanced compression technologies that optimize bandwidth while maintaining reliability.

Usability testing has been conducted on both services and the results show that GoToMeeting performs better in terms of user experience when compared to Zoom. Its simple yet powerful UI makes it easier for users to quickly join meetings and start collaborating with colleagues, friends, or family members regardless of their geographical location.

When considering alternatives to GoTo Meeting, consider platforms that emphasize user-friendly interfaces and robust collaboration tools. Some options provide seamless scheduling, and high-quality audio, and video capabilities, making them suitable for businesses seeking efficient virtual communication. Others prioritize secure and encrypted connections, appealing to organizations with stringent data protection requirements.

Did You Know

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both feature intuitive user interfaces that make connecting with remote participants simple. However, Zoom offers a unique customizable interface that allows users to tailor their experience to their exact needs. With Zoom, users can even adjust the size of the video window for the participants they are talking with.

Pricing Plans

When it comes to deciding which video conferencing tool is right for you, comparing the pricing plans between GoTo and Zoom can be likened to choosing a precious gem from a vast collection. Both platforms offer users flexibility in their cost calculations, allowing them to choose monthly or yearly billing cycles. Additionally, both services may include discount offers depending on the user’s requirements.

Talking about GoTo Meeting’s pricing structure, it offers a professional plan that starts at $14/month per host with up to 150 participants available; its Business version starts at $19/month per host with up to 250 participants available. Meanwhile, Zoom's pricing comes with 4 subscription plans such as Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The basic plan allows 100 participants but only one meeting host and has no time limit for meetings. Furthermore, the platform provides several payment options including PayPal and credit card payments and flexible payment terms such as annual prepaid plans offering discounts of up to 20%.

Finally, while both companies have user restrictions on who can access certain packages (e.g., maximum number of attendees), they provide an array of features and benefits that make either an attractive option for different types of businesses. It's important to review each company carefully before making your decision so you know exactly what you are getting out of each service. Ultimately though, by leveraging the various pricing options available through these two providers, individuals and organizations alike will benefit from having reliable video conferencing tools without breaking the bank.

Did You Know

The initial pricing plan for Zoom’s Pro plan costs $149.9 per month per host, while GoToMeeting’s Pro plan costs $14 per month per host a 25% difference in price.

Account Setup

Account setup for GoTo and Zoom can be complex, requiring careful consideration of user requirements and desired features.

User Permissions Data Storage Accessibility Options Recording Access Meeting Duration
GoTo Meeting Multiple roles with customizable permissions allow users to control meeting access and who can host or join meetings. Data storage is securely managed through a combination of in-app encryption as well as third-party service providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services). All major platforms are supported including Mac, Windows, iOS & Android devices. Recordings are stored on local drives or cloud services such as Box and Dropbox.
Meetings can last up to 24 hours long depending on the plan chosen. Zoom Multiple levels of user permission settings give administrators control over which users have access to certain rooms and settings. Data is encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption when data is stored in the cloud. Users also have the option to store recordings locally rather than download them from a cloud provider if desired. Across all operating systems – Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS & Android – users have full accessibility options available to them-including screen-sharing capabilities across multiple monitors!

Zoom allows unlimited-duration calls unless the organizer sets a time limit before the start date; otherwise, the maximum call length stands at 40 minutes for free accounts

Did You Know

GoTo Meeting and Zoom are both easy to set up, but did you know that Zoom offers a single-sign-on feature that makes it much simpler to log into your account? This feature allows you to sign into your account with just one click, saving you time and making account setup a breeze.

Scheduling Meetings

Choosing between GoTo and Zoom for scheduling meetings can be daunting, as both offer a variety of features and customizable options depending on the user’s needs. Both platforms enable users to easily schedule, host, or join video conferences with colleagues or partners from all over the world. With GoToMeeting, you can create an attendee list before your meeting takes place. This allows participants to see who will be joining them in their conference call, ensuring everyone is present when the meeting starts. Additionally, users have access to online support during their sessions which provides helpful advice on how best to use the platform's features such as recording video calls and taking notes within a shared document space.

Zoom offers easy-to-use tools for setting up meetings with others quickly and efficiently. The software enables hosts to set custom reminders before each meeting so that attendees don’t forget about upcoming events. It also provides detailed reports after each session that can be used by business owners for tracking purposes and analyzing trends among customers or employees over time. Furthermore, it gives its users access to real-time transcription services that allow them to capture important information without needing to take manual notes during live conversations.

But, when considering alternatives to Zoom, some platforms differentiate themselves by offering unique features and customization options. These alternatives may excel in areas like virtual backgrounds, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms, enhancing the user experience. Additionally, there are alternatives that cater to specific industries, such as healthcare or education, providing tailored solutions to meet specialized needs.

When deciding between these two video conferencing solutions for scheduling meetings, it is important to consider what type of features are most useful for your particular needs whether this includes tracking customer interactions or capturing meeting minutes accurately. By weighing out these pros and cons carefully, businesses can make sure they choose the right tool that meets their specific requirements while promoting collaboration and productivity amongst team members no matter where they’re located in the world!

Did You Know

Zoom allows users to schedule meetings up to a year in advance with a single click.

Inviting Participants

Determining which platform is best suited for inviting participants to meetings requires careful evaluation of the various features and customizable options available. GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer Invitee Workflow capabilities, with each providing distinct advantages that must be weighed against one another when making a decision on which tool to use. When evaluating these two popular video conferencing tools, it is important to consider invitee limitations, experience, requirements, and scheduling opportunities to make an informed choice.

GoTo Meeting's Invitee Workflow allows users to easily add participants by importing contacts from their address book or through manual entry. The invitation can also include call-in details for audio connection as well as instructions to join the meeting directly from their browser. This makes it easy for invitees who are not already registered with GoToMeeting and don't have the mobile app installed. Additionally, the maximum number of people allowed in any single session is up to 250 while hosting sessions within a domain can accommodate up to 150 attendees at once.

Zoom offers similar features including automated invitations sent via email but without any specific geographical restrictions like GoTo Meeting has imposed. It also supports international dial-in numbers so invites can even access online meetings using landlines or cell phones worldwide. Plus, zoom provides greater flexibility when organizing large events with its ability to host more than 1,000 concurrent participants across multiple rooms per event. Furthermore, the user interface itself caters to those less technically inclined while still offering all advanced functionalities such as breakout rooms and HD video quality streaming (for Pro plans).

Did You Know

It takes only 10 seconds to invite up to 100 participants to a Zoom meeting, while a GoTo Meeting requires up to 30 seconds.

Video Call Quality

When it comes to video call quality, it is crucial to assess both platforms like two sides of a coin, each with its advantages and disadvantages. GoToMeeting has been praised for its HD audio clarity and low bandwidth consumption, making it an ideal platform for meetings that require higher levels of concentration or collaboration with multiple users. On the other hand, Zoom stands out in terms of network reliability and call reliability even on weaker networks such as cellular connections. It offers a reliable user experience across different types of devices and operating systems.

In terms of video quality, both tools offer great results when all participants have a stable internet connection: up to 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). However, if one participant's connection is weak then the overall picture degradation may be experienced by everyone. To improve this situation both GoToMeeting and Zoom allow you to set a lower frame rate which should help minimize these issues.

Overall while both GoToMeeting and Zoom offer highly capable solutions for most businesses’ needs when it comes to Video Call Quality, there are some subtle differences between them worth considering before selecting a particular provider. Both services provide excellent options but depending on your business requirements you might find one service more suitable than another.

Did You Know

Zoom offers HD video and audio quality with up to 49 video participants on one screen.

Screen Sharing


When it comes to screen sharing, businesses need a reliable and easy-to-use platform that will enable efficient collaboration and communication. GoToMeeting and Zoom both offer features for group sharing of screens, audio quality, cloud storage options, video editing capabilities, and tools for interactions between groups.

GoToMeeting offers the ability to host meetings with up to 150 participants at once on either its web or mobile app platforms. It also provides an option for co-browsing which allows users to browse websites together as well as share desktops in real time. Additionally, GoToMeeting includes sharpened audio quality so conversations remain clear even when several people are talking at once. The tool also allows recordings of meetings to be stored in the cloud or shared via email directly from the platform itself.

Meanwhile, Zoom takes group interaction one step further by allowing users to break off into smaller subgroups within larger calls. Up to 500 simultaneous callers can join one Zoom meeting session while video streams remain clear throughout the entire call thanks to HD 720p resolution video streaming with full bandwidth support. Recordings are automatically saved in the cloud where they can be accessed after the call has ended, but direct file downloads are also available if needed. In addition, users can take advantage of whiteboarding tools that help drive conversation topics forward without taking away from content already being discussed by other members of the group.

Overall, both GoToMeeting and Zoom offer powerful tools for efficient collaboration and communication through their innovative screen-sharing features. Each platform provides ample opportunities for users to interact and collaborate effectively during virtual conferences no matter how large or small the gathering may be.

Did You Know

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer high-quality screen-sharing capabilities, but did you know that Zoom's screen-sharing feature allows up to 49 simultaneous participants to collaborate and share their screens at the same time?

Recording Meetings


For businesses looking for an efficient way to capture and store meeting content, both GoToMeeting and Zoom offer recording capabilities that make it easy to keep track of conversations.

To determine which video conferencing tool is best when it comes to recording meetings, consider the following five features:

  • Audio Quality
  • Video Clarity
  • Meeting Management
  • File Transfer
  • Host Control

GoToMeeting provides users with a high-quality audio experience during recordings; its HD Voice technology ensures crystal clear sound on calls no matter how many participants join in. Additionally, GoToMeeting's recording feature includes tools like automatic transcription services so you can easily access important information from past meetings. Video clarity has also been improved with picture-within-picture capability enabling you to view up to 25 simultaneous videos at once while still being able to identify each participant individually. The host is given full control over meeting management, including setting restrictions like muting all or locking/unlocking screen-sharing settings as needed. Lastly, file transfers are allowed during any type of call making collaboration between participants easier than ever before.

Zoom also offers an impressive suite of recording options for those who need to save their conversation for later review. Its video recordings come out sharp and clear due to advanced noise cancellation methods used by the platform. This means that everyone involved will be heard clearly regardless of background sounds or external noises coming through the microphone. Furthermore, hosts have complete control over managing their conference calls thanks to various security controls such as password protection or waiting rooms where only approved members are allowed entry into the meeting room itself.

Finally, files can be shared directly from the chat window allowing for quick transfer without having to leave the call. Both platforms provide valuable tools for capturing rich data from your meetings, but ultimately Zoom seems better equipped when it comes down to overall audio quality, video clarity, meeting management, file transfer, and host control making it our top choice for business use cases requiring detailed recordings.

Did You Know

Zoom has the capability to record video conferences and even allows users to share recordings with participants who weren’t able to attend the meeting.

Whiteboard Collaboration


When it comes to collaboration, both GoToMeeting and Zoom offer whiteboard capabilities that allow teams to draw, sketch, and collaborate in real-time. Team Collaboration is improved by providing participants with room access, allowing them to bring up their own ideas and work together effectively. Host controls provide the ability for hosts to moderate discussions and keep everyone on track during meetings. In addition, audio quality remains strong even when many people are sharing their thoughts simultaneously.

GoToMeeting also provides file storage options so users can easily store important documents related to their projects. With this feature, users have full control over who has access to any files they share during a meeting. This ensures that only relevant individuals will be able to view sensitive information while collaborating with others from afar.

Finally, one of the most valuable features of these video conferencing tools is the ability to brainstorm quickly and efficiently without having all participants in the same physical space. Whiteboard collaboration allows teams around the world to come together virtually and create innovative solutions using powerful drawing tools and functionality available through both GoToMeeting and Zoom. This helps ensure team members stay connected no matter where they are located or how far apart they may be geographically.

Did You Know

Zoom offers a whiteboard collaboration feature that allows up to 25 participants to draw together on the same canvas.

Chat and Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is lightning-fast, providing a way for teams to communicate with each other in real-time like never before! Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer integrated text chat capabilities that allow team members to quickly share ideas, collaborate on projects, and respond to urgent requests.

The tools offered by these two video conferencing platforms are essential for effective team communication:

  • Text Chat – allows users to send messages back and forth in real time. The chat can be public or private, depending on the user’s preference. It also offers features such as threaded conversations and file sharing.
  • Video Chat & Audio Conferencing – both GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide high-quality audio and video conferencing options so that team members can stay connected even when they’re not physically together. They also make it easy to record meetings for later review or playback.
  • File Transfer – this feature allows users to easily transfer files between themselves during a meeting, making collaboration smooth and simple without having to manually upload/download them from different applications.

GoTo Meeting and Zoom are great solutions for teams looking to increase their productivity through enhanced communication capabilities. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and reliable performance, either platform could prove invaluable for any business seeking streamlined team communication solutions.

Did You Know

The world’s first instant messaging app, ICQ, was created in 1996 and boasted over 100 million users by the year 2000.

Security and Privacy


Secure and private communication is essential for any team looking to collaborate efficiently, as it allows them to exchange sensitive information without fear of interception or misuse. Video conferencing tools such as GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide ample security features that help ensure secure and private collaboration between members.

To make sure your data remains safe while using these services, here are a few key points to consider:

  • Data Encryption: Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer strong encryption protocols that protect all the data sent over their servers from being intercepted by unauthorized persons. This ensures that confidential conversations remain just that – confidential.
  • Security Certifications: Each platform also has various security certifications from external companies, which verify their commitment to keeping user data secure. These include SOC2 Type 2 certification (GoTo Meeting) and ISO 27001 certification (Zoom).
  • Access Controls & Authentication Protocols: Access control measures like password protection allow users to determine who can access specific meetings and content. Additionally, both platforms use two-factor authentication protocols based on passwords, codes, biometrics, and other methods for extra account protection.

When it comes down to it, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom have effective security measures in place that keep user data protected throughout the video conferencing process. With an array of additional safety features built into each service, teams can be confident that their conversations will remain private when conducting remote collaborations via either platform.

Did You Know

Zoom’s end-to-end encryption offers unmatched security and privacy for video conferencing, making it a top choice for organizations and businesses that require secure communications.

Mobile Apps


Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom have developed mobile applications to make it easier for users to collaborate remotely from anywhere. The apps offer a variety of features, such as location tracking, cloud storage, multi-device support, audio conferencing, and live streaming. These tools are designed to help professionals stay connected while working remotely or traveling for business.

GoTo Meeting’s app allows users to join meetings quickly with one tap. It also supports up to 25 participants in HD video and includes integrated screen-sharing capabilities for presentations. Additionally, its built-in chat feature lets you send private messages or post public comments during a meeting. Finally, the app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Zoom’s mobile app offers many of the same features as GoTo Meeting plus some additional options like breakout rooms for smaller group discussions. It also provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to join calls on the go by entering a meeting ID number or joining via link invitation. Its advanced encryption technology ensures a secure connection between all participants while still allowing them access to high-quality audio and video streams. Furthermore, its streamlined design helps reduce battery drain so users can focus more on their conversations rather than worrying about their phone dying mid-call.

Overall, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide comprehensive sets of features through their respective mobile apps that allow users to connect with colleagues no matter where they are located. With these robust platforms available at your fingertips, it's never been easier to stay productive when away from the office or home base.

Did You Know

Zoom and GoTo Meeting both have mobile apps that allow users to join video conferences and meetings on the go. In fact, the Zoom app was the #1 business app in the Apple App Store in 2020, becoming the first business app to achieve the feat.



Integrations are an important feature when choosing a video conferencing solution, as they allow users to connect and interact with other apps and services. For example, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer integrations with over 500 third-party applications, giving users access to even more resources for their remote meetings.

When it comes to integration strategies, GoTo Meeting offers several powerful automation benefits that can help increase productivity levels during virtual meetings. It allows you to streamline processes such as data synchronization between multiple systems and custom integrations tailored to your specific needs. With the ability to connect quickly and easily with third-party applications like Salesforce or Slack, teams can ensure projects are completed on time without compromising quality or accuracy.

Zoom also provides comprehensive integration options that support seamless collaboration among participants in a meeting room. It has built-in solutions for popular business tools such as Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to share files instantly while keeping everyone in sync throughout the discussion. You can even customize your own unique workflow via its API library which features numerous prebuilt modules designed specifically for different types of organizations.

GoTo Meeting Zoom
Integration Strategies Automation Benefits
Comprehensive Integration Options Third-Party Connections
Data Synchronization Built-In Solutions
Custom Integrations Quick & Easy Connection

Did You Know

Zoom has over 1,000 integrations with other top business applications such as Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and more, making it the most integrated video conferencing tool on the market.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, having reliable and knowledgeable help is essential for a successful video conferencing experience. GoTo Meeting offers 24/7 phone and email support with live agents available in several languages. They also have an extensive online knowledge base that provides detailed information on how to use the software as well as troubleshooting tips. Zoom has similar customer support options with seven days a week of live chat assistance and a comprehensive user guide. The company also offers personalized training sessions which can be helpful for larger organizations looking to make sure everyone is familiar with the platform’s features.

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide excellent overall user experiences; however, their customer support services may differ depending on individual needs. For those who need more customization options or accessibility settings, GoTo Meeting might be the better choice since they offer specialized advice based on specific requirements. On the other hand, Zoom’s audio quality and chat moderation are top-notch, making them ideal for businesses that need exceptional sound clarity during calls or want additional control over conversations.

Ultimately, both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer great customer service options tailored to different needs. Whether one prefers greater flexibility in terms of customizing their experience or requires advanced audio quality tools, each platform can provide users with what they’re looking for when it comes to getting help with any technical issues or queries related to video conferencing.

Did You Know

Zoom offers 24/7 customer support with response times of less than one minute, making it a top choice for businesses and individuals who need quick help with technical issues.

File Sharing

When it comes to file sharing, having the ability to securely share documents and other files is essential for successful collaboration. GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer a variety of features related to file sharing that are designed to make collaboration between teams easier than ever before.

GoTo Meeting offers an impressive array of file types that can be shared with ease from within the application. This includes popular formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe PDFs, and more. It also allows users to collaborate on documents in real-time through its built-in collaborative editing feature. When it comes to audio quality, GoTo Meeting provides crystal clear sound so everyone involved in the meeting can hear each other clearly. Additionally, it has robust data storage options allowing users to store up to 100GB of data for easy access during meetings or later retrieval when needed. Finally, video customization lets you adjust resolution settings as well as frame rate control for better image quality during presentations or large group meetings.

Zoom also features a wide range of capabilities when it comes to file sharing including support for various document types like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs just like GoTo Meeting does. However, one area where Zoom stands out is its extensive set of tools which allow users not only to edit documents collaboratively but also highlight sections they wish to focus on by using annotations or holding virtual whiteboard sessions among participants.

Audio quality Zoom uses HD Voice technology adapted from Skype which ensures excellent clarity no matter how many people are in the meeting at any given time. Furthermore, while most providers limit their free plans' data storage capacity; Zoom gives all of its free customers unlimited cloud storage space making it ideal if your team needs extra room for larger projects or even long-term archiving solutions. Lastly, video customizations let you change background blur effect levels meaning no more distractions from noisy backgrounds anytime soon!

Did You Know

Zoom allows users to share files of up to 2GB in size, while GoToMeeting only allows for 100MB file transfers.

GoToMeeting Zoom
File Types Support: Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint)Adobe PDFs File Types Support: Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint)Adobe PDFs
Collaborative Editing Feature Annotations & Virtual Whiteboard Sessions For Collaboration
Crystal Clear Audio Quality HD Voice Technology From Skype For Clarity Regardless Of Participant Numbers
Data Storage Up To 100 GB Unlimited Cloud Storage Space With Free Plan Option Available
Video Customization: Resolution Settings Frame Rate Control Background Blur Effect Levels Adjustment Allowed In Video Customization Setting

Breakout Rooms


Breakout rooms are like a breath of fresh air for video conferencing, allowing participants to split into smaller groups and collaborate in more intimate settings. When it comes to choosing between GoTo Meeting and Zoom as your video conferencing tool, one key factor is the level of breakout room design available. Both tools offer their own unique features when it comes to managing group collaboration within these virtual environments.

GoTo Meeting provides users with an array of options for customizing their breakout rooms. Users can easily create up to 25 private rooms that can hold up to 200 people each. Participants also have the option to adjust each room’s capacity or access levels, allowing them to control who has access to specific areas within the virtual space. Additionally, administrators have full control over how long they want sessions in each room to last before returning to the initial meeting.

Zoom’s breakout room feature offers similar capabilities but does not allow you quite as much customization as its competitor. Room capacities are limited to 50 participants per session, although this could be adjusted depending on which subscription plan you choose. Administrators cannot view activity inside any designated rooms but still maintain overall control by deciding when meetings should end and restarting them whenever needed. Users also benefit from having quick access buttons that make transitioning between different chatrooms easier than ever before.

Did You Know

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both offer breakout room capabilities, allowing users to split into smaller groups during a meeting. However, Zoom offers the ability to create up to 50 breakout rooms at once, while GoTo Meeting only allows up to 25.

Feature GoTo Meeting Zoom
Group Collaboration Up To 200 People Up To 50 People
Room Management Adjustable Limited Control
Room Capacity Customizable Subscription Based
Room Accessibility Full Control Quick Access Buttons


When it comes to hosting large virtual events, webinars offer a powerful platform for businesses to present their ideas and engage with their audience.

Webinars enable companies to host dynamic meetings by allowing them to:

  • Create a platform for virtual networking
  • Deliver online presentations in an interactive way
  • Establish meeting etiquette protocols
  • Provide technical troubleshooting options
  • Devise effective hosting strategies

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both provide comprehensive webinar services that make hosting large-scale events possible. With either of these video conferencing tools, users can customize their settings according to the size and purpose of the event they are planning. Additionally, both platforms have easy access controls so hosts can regulate who is allowed into each session as well as monitor participant activity during the entire duration of the event. This ensures secure environments where participants feel safe sharing information without any fear of piracy or data breaches.

Furthermore, GoToMeeting and Zoom also offer extensive customer support for those having difficulty setting up or using their service. From tutorials on how to set up sessions correctly to advice on choosing the right plan for your business needs – these two providers will help you achieve success when it comes time to launch your next webinar. They also strive to keep customers updated with new features and system improvements, making sure you always have access to the latest technology available in order to maximize efficiency and productivity at every level.

Did You Know

Zoom has become the world's most popular webinar platform, hosting more than 10 million webinars per month.

Reporting and Analytics


Unlock the potential of your webinars by leveraging the reporting and analytics capabilities of GoTo Meeting and Zoom to gain valuable insights into audience engagement and event success. With powerful data visualization tools, you can easily identify trends in attendance or participation that would otherwise be lost in a sea of raw data. By using access control features, you can also provide team collaboration opportunities for analyzing specific areas within your webinar while still maintaining security over sensitive information.

Both platforms offer cloud storage options so that all records associated with an event are safely stored away from any local devices used during the presentation. This allows teams to refer back to previously recorded events without having to physically search through individual machine's hard drives or worry about manually transferring files between computers. Additionally, user interfaces are designed for intuitive use allowing users to quickly transition from one feature set to another when needed.

GoTo Meeting and Zoom both have comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities which make them ideal tools for hosting successful webinars. The ability to capture detailed information on how viewers interact with content gives invaluable feedback into what works well and what doesn’tultimately helping improve future presentations. With their secure cloud-based solutions, easy navigation user interface, and built-in collaboration features, GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide robust reporting tools that ensure maximum efficiency when crafting engaging webinars.

Did You Know

Zoom’s reporting and analytics feature lets users track the number of participants in each meeting, the total meeting duration, and more. It can also provide detailed reports on user engagement and activity, making it easier to optimize your video conferencing experience.


Shining a light on the reviews of GoTo Meeting and Zoom, it’s clear that these two video conferencing tools are top-of-the-line, making them an ideal way to captivate audiences with your webinars. With this in mind, let's take a look at what users have been saying about each platform:

In the GoTo Meeting Reviews, we have found this tool to be an excellent tool for our virtual collaboration needs. Its user-friendly interface and dependable performance make scheduling and hosting online meetings a breeze. The audio and video quality is consistently top-notch, ensuring that our communication is crystal clear. Additionally, the platform’s collaboration features have been a game-changer for our team’s productivity. While it’s a bit on the expensive side for smaller organizations, the value it offers is undeniable.

Coming to Zoom's Reviews, its simplicity and a broad range of features, from screen sharing to virtual backgrounds, have made it indispensable. Zoom’s widespread use ensures that it’s easy to connect with clients and colleagues. However, we were initially concerned about its security and privacy, but the company has made substantial improvements in this regard, which gives us more confidence in using the platform for sensitive discussions.

Both GoTo Meeting and Zoom offer numerous benefits when compared to other platforms. In addition to their user-friendly interfaces, they both provide security tips such as password protection and encryption protocols. Furthermore, troubleshooting tips are available if you encounter any issues while using either platform. Finally, they feature analytics so you can track the success of your webinar presentations or conference calls. Ultimately, after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of both services, we recommend selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Did You Know
Zoom has been the top-rated video conferencing tool for five years in a row according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GoTo Meeting or Zoom better for large group meetings?
GoTo Meeting is the better choice for large group meetings as it allows up to 250 participants. It provides virtual backgrounds and collaborative tools like polls and surveys. It also has enhanced security features such as password protection and encryption. Additionally, it allows mobile access and enables users to share their screens with others in a meeting.

2. What are the main differences between GoTo Meeting and Zoom?
GoTo Meeting and Zoom are both popular video conferencing tools, but they have some significant differences. GoTo Meeting offers more advanced security features, while Zoom has better audio quality. Zoom also has better chat options than GoTo Meeting, as well as greater platform compatibility across devices. Additionally, the user interface on Zoom is easier to use and navigate compared to GoTo Meeting.

3. Do I need a separate account for each video conferencing tool?
Yes, you need a separate account for each video conferencing tool in order to take advantage of their unique features such as security features, audio quality, support staff, user interface, and networking opportunities. You cannot access all the features by using one single account. It is important to note that both GoTo Meeting and Zoom provide free trial versions so you can test out each platform before making any commitments.

Does either tool have a free trial period?
GoToMeeting and Zoom both offer free trial periods which last for 14 days. During this time, you can explore the features of each tool to determine which one works best for your needs. Cost comparison, security features, integrations, support quality, and user interface should all be considered when choosing between GoToMeeting and Zoom.

Is there a limit to the number of participants for each meeting?
GoToMeeting has a limit of 150 participants for each meeting, while Zoom allows up to 300. Both platforms offer video quality options ranging from HD to low bandwidth options, as well as extensive security features and user-friendly experience. GoToMeeting is more costly than Zoom but requires fewer steps in the installation process.


At the end of the day, it all boils down to what suits your needs best. GoTo Meeting and Zoom both have their own sets of pros and cons that should be taken into account when deciding which video conferencing tool is right for you. Both offer great features such as user interface, pricing plans, scheduling meetings, inviting participants, video call quality, screen sharing, etc. However, they each excel in different areas. Therefore it’s important to weigh out your options and make an informed decision about which one will work better for your specific requirements. Whether it’s GoTo Meeting or Zoom, either can give you a competitive edge when it comes to hosting successful virtual meetings with crystal-clear communication and collaboration capabilities.

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