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Site search is a website feature that allows users to search for specific content or information within a website. It typically involves a search bar where visitors can enter keywords or phrases, and a search engine retrieves relevant results from the site's content. Site search enhances user experience, helps users find what they're looking for quickly, and can be a valuable tool for website owners to gather insights into user behavior and preferences. Site search tools are software or plugins that enable websites to implement and optimize their search functionality. These tools help to enhance user experience by providing efficient and accurate search results, helping users find content on the site easily.

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Bloomreach is an AI-powered digital experience tool tailored for e-commerce platforms, enabling boundless customer engagement. It seamlessly integrates real-time customer and product data, empowering businesses with valuable insights into authentic customer preferences. By deciphering customer desires, Bloomreach equips companies to offer personalized and highly satisfying e-commerce interactions, ultimately enhancing conversions and customer satisfaction within the online retail landscape.

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