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SEMrush is a researching tool necessary for keyword optimisation and SEO. By looking into top competitor actions, you are able to compare your own site with a multitude of research findings. You will find all you need for SEO at SEMrush: backlink information and analysis, longtail keywords and phrasing, and domain versus domain statistics. See where others are going right (and wrong) and take further steps to use those terms they haven’t found yet to bring your site high on the search engine lists.

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Not only is the service they provide fantastic but their customer service was rapid to reply when I had a problem and they resolved it immediately. They are a bit pricier than some others but worth every penny Top reviewer

SEMRush is a great short term SEO helper Top reviewer

One of the most usefull tool for SEO Top reviewer

SEMrush is a great keyword tool Top reviewer

SemSrush together with SimilarWeb, and Ahrefs, create you the most powerful competitor and web marketing toolkit possible. Top reviewer

Great variety of reports – from backlink audits, content ideas to mention tracking. SEMrush is also constantly adding new features tailored to daily digital marketers needs. Recommend! Top reviewer

Decent features but poor money garbing practice by making it a hard to cancel subscription resulting in me being charged another month unnecessarily. Top reviewer

SEMRush – The Tool I will Always Use For SEO Top reviewer

SEMrush is Great For Pros, Not for SEO Newbies Top reviewer

A good SEO/keyword planning tool

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