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Algolia offers a free plan that includes 10,000 searches per month. For larger enterprises seeking advanced features and higher search volumes, paid plans are available. These paid plans start at $0.50 per 1000 search requests per month, allowing businesses to scale their search capabilities while paying for what they need. Its pricing structure offers flexibility and affordability, catering to a wide range of organizations and their search requirements.

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Algolia Pricing Plans & Packages

Algolia is a groundbreaking AI-enabled search and discovery platform that is revolutionizing the way enterprises incorporate fast and relevant search functionality into their applications. With its powerful search API, Algolia enables developers and businesses to seamlessly integrate advanced search capabilities, bridging the gap between data and end-users.

Offering a range of plans to suit different business needs, Algolia provides scalable solutions that enhance user experiences while driving revenue growth. From enhanced query suggestions to personalized product recommendations, Algolia empowers organizations with valuable insights into user behaviors and preferences through its robust search analytics features. With lightning-fast results delivered in under 100 milliseconds, Algolia has become the top choice for businesses across various industries worldwide.

By leveraging AI-powered products like NeuralSearch, Keyword Search, and Recommend feature, companies can optimize their search functionalities to deliver efficient and accurate results. Whether it's improving e-commerce platforms or streamlining content discovery on news websites, Algolia's versatile tools offer invaluable support for businesses looking to stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Algolia Pricing Plans

Algolia offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. These plans, namely Build, Grow, Premium, and Elevate, provide different features and capabilities at varying price points.

The Build plan is designed for small-scale usage and includes 1 million records and 10,000 search requests per month. It serves as a starting point for businesses looking to integrate Algolia's advanced search functionality into their applications.

The Grow plan offers increased scalability with 100,000 records included in the monthly plan. This plan is suitable for growing enterprises that require more advanced features to enhance their search capabilities.

For businesses seeking AI-powered features and additional tools, the Premium plan provides access to AI features, Merchandising Studio, and volume discounts. This plan caters to the needs of enterprises that prioritize personalized user experiences and revenue growth.

At the top end, the Elevate plan includes all the premium features along with Algolia NeuralSearch. This plan is ideal for organizations that require cutting-edge AI capabilities to deliver highly relevant search results and drive superior user experiences.

Overall, Algolia's pricing plans offer flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes. By providing different tiers with varying levels of features and functionality, Algolia ensures that organizations can choose a plan that aligns with their specific requirements while delivering an exceptional search experience to their users.

  • Build

    The Build pricing plan offered by Algolia is designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive search solution that meets their needs. This plan offers a generous allowance of records and search requests per month, allowing organizations to implement powerful search functionality into their applications and services.

  • Grow

    The Grow plan offered by Algolia is designed for businesses looking to scale their search functionality. It provides a cost-effective solution that allows enterprises to handle larger volumes of records and search requests, enabling them to meet the growing demands of their users.

  • Premium

    The Premium plan offered by Algolia is designed to cater to the needs of businesses looking for advanced features and capabilities. It provides a comprehensive solution that goes beyond basic search functionality, enabling organizations to enhance their user experiences and drive revenue growth.

  • Elevate

    The Elevate pricing plan offered by Algolia is designed to provide businesses with advanced features and capabilities beyond the basic offerings. This plan caters to enterprises that require a higher level of functionality and performance from their search and discovery platform.


In conclusion, Algolia's AI-enabled search and discovery platform is revolutionizing the way businesses implement fast and relevant search functionality. With its powerful search API and a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, Algolia offers scalable solutions that deliver efficient and accurate search results. From enhanced user experiences to valuable insights into user behaviors, Algolia empowers organizations with advanced features like NeuralSearch and personalized recommendations. With lightning-fast results and industry-standard security compliance, Algolia is the top choice for businesses across various industries worldwide.