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    BeyondWords is a popular AI-powered Text-to-Speech publishing platform that comes with some unique and advanced features, like voice cloning, automatic SSML, etc. Along with these, users can also get access to hundreds of AI voices in numerous languages. Similarly, there are various other platforms, like Blakify, Coqui AI, FakeYou, lovo AI, Play HT, Podcastle TTS, Replica Studios, Resemble AI, Respeecher, TTSLabs, etc., that can be the best alternatives to BeyondWords in the Artificial Intelligence Software category.

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      Blakify is revolutionizing the audio content space with its groundbreaking text-to-speech technology, transforming digital written materials into natural-sounding voices in record time. From ebooks to podcasts and everything in between, users can customize their auditory experience with ease by adjusting pitch, tone, and speed - paving the way for new creative possibilities.

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      Features Comparison

      BeyondWordsBlakifyPlay.htPodcastle TTS
      Multiple Voice Options
      Localized Audio Support
      Different Tones
      Virtual Narration
      Text-to-speech Editor
      Automatically Embed
      Audio File Merging
      Music Creation
      Voice Over
      Pronunciation Library
      Easy Download
      AI Voice Podcast Generator
      AI Voice Cloning
      AI Team Access
      Preview Mode
      Secure Storage of Audio Files
      Audio Player Widgets
      Uncompressed Audio Recording
      Filler Word Detection
      Format Converter
      Workflow Automation
      iOS App
      Silence Remover