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CrawlQ is an AI audience research platform designed to help businesses and organizations better understand their customers and target audiences. It is useful for marketers, product managers, and other professionals who need to evaluate customer feedback accurately in order to make informed decisions. It helps to analyze customer opinions from any source - review sites, social media platforms, surveys, etc.

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CrawlQ Features

  • CrawlQ FeaturesNiche Research : Assists in finding the micro-niche of your niche to gain attention in the broad market.
  • CrawlQ FeaturesDiscover Demographics : Helps users to find their target audience through their demographics.
  • CrawlQ FeaturesSearch Intent Discovery : Assists you in finding and creating content relevant to your target audience search.
  • CrawlQ FeaturesResearch and Insights : Provides detailed research and insights into the market and audience.
  • CrawlQ FeaturesTL;DR : Grabs the audience’s attention by providing a brief and concise time-saving version of the content.
  • CrawlQ FeaturesSERP FAQ Generator : Creates a fresh copy of content by taking competitors’ content as a basis.

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  • Valor L.Marketing and Advertising



    You can write generic copy and get generic results. Or you can write killer copy and get sales and conversions. Most ai-writer is hit and miss and requires lots of editing and tinkering. With CrawlQ you do all the hard work upfront on market research such as discovery of pain points and your prospect's use of language. It really takes you in the shoes of a professional copywriter, except it is ai, and once you train it, you get a professional ai copywriter who dishes out killer copy for you - hands free.

  • KC W.Online Media



    It needs a ton of details and information regarding your potential client's / buyer's persona before it can generate useful marketing contents and materials for your business. So, you will need to answer something like 150 questions so that this tool can then make use of it's AI to generate marketing materials for your business, which is a huge undertaking and an exhaustive exercise!

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