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eLabFTW comes with four flexible subscription plans, ranging from PRO support at 760 euros per year to PRO Hosting SecNumCloud at 6985 euros per year. With each of these tiers, users can enjoy 24/7 customer support via chat and email and benefit from dedicated customer care in case of any queries or concerns. Additionally, eLabFTW offers an interactive free live demo so you can see how the product works without the commitment of having to purchase it right away. As an open-source software application, eLabFTW guarantees optimal security and flexibility to its users while also providing an intuitive user experience so all kinds of researchers can easily manage their laboratory notebooks.

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eLabFTW Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing eLabFTW, the innovative open-source laboratory notebook that is revolutionizing research lab management. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, eLabFTW is the go-to solution for tracking experiments, managing lab elements, and staying organized. This powerful tool not only offers a database but also enables seamless collaboration among team members regardless of their location or time zone.

eLabFTW offers four flexible subscription plans tailored to meet the unique needs of research labs. Each plan provides access to advanced features and top-notch customer support to ensure a smooth experience. Whether you choose the PRO support, PRO support Gold, PRO Hosting, or PRO Hosting SecNumCloud plan, eLabFTW has your needs covered.

With its open-source nature and cost-effective pricing plans, eLabFTW provides easy access without any costly license requirements. Its strong encryption algorithms ensure data privacy and security while automated processes simplify usage and improve efficiency. Collaborate seamlessly with team members through online tools and customize your environment to suit your individual needs. Experience the power of eLabFTW today and take your research lab operations to new heights.

eLabFTW Pricing Plans

eLabFTW offers four pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of research labs. These plans include Pro Support, Pro Support Gold, Pro Hosting, and Pro Hosting SecNumCloud. Each plan comes with its own set of features and benefits.

The Pro Support plan is the basic option, providing access to email support, level 2 & 3 support, participation in open source funding, 2 hours of webinar for user training, carbon offset, and tree planting. This plan offers a cost-effective solution for labs looking for essential support and assistance.

For labs seeking additional features and priority on feature requests, the Pro Support Gold plan is an ideal choice. It includes everything in the Pro Support plan along with your name featured in the README file. This plan adds a personalized touch and recognition for users.

The Pro Hosting plan is designed for labs that require advanced functionalities such as unlimited experiments, managed backups, custom domain name, secure infrastructure, ransomware protection, and more. It also offers a free trial period and hosting options in Europe, USA or Asia.

For top-tier security and compliance requirements, the Pro Hosting SecNumCloud plan is available. This plan includes all features from the Pro Hosting plan along with enhanced security measures like encryption at rest, HDS certification, ISO 27001 compliance, and more. It is specifically hosted in France to meet stringent data protection regulations.

Overall, eLabFTW's pricing plans allow research labs to choose the level of support and functionality they need while ensuring data privacy and security. With these plans in place, eLabFTW aims to provide researchers with an efficient laboratory management solution that meets their specific requirements.

  • Pro Support

    The Pro Support plan offered by eLabFTW provides users with a comprehensive and reliable support system for their research lab management needs. With this plan, users can expect assistance and guidance from the eLabFTW team to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Pro Support Gold

    The Pro Support Gold pricing plan offered by eLabFTW provides an enhanced level of support and benefits for research labs. With its additional features and services, this plan is designed to cater to the specific needs of laboratories seeking a higher level of assistance and priority.

  • Pro Hosting

    The Pro Hosting plan offered by eLabFTW is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of research labs seeking advanced data management capabilities. With its robust features and secure infrastructure, this pricing plan ensures efficient operations and enhanced security for your lab's valuable data.

  • Pro Hosting SecNumCloud

    The Pro Hosting SecNumCloud plan offered by eLabFTW is a premium pricing option designed to provide advanced features and enhanced security for research labs. This plan ensures top-notch data protection and compliance with industry standards, making it an ideal choice for organizations prioritizing confidentiality and regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, eLabFTW is a comprehensive and user-friendly open-source laboratory notebook that offers efficient and secure data management for research labs. With its flexible pricing plans and advanced features, it provides easy access without costly license requirements. The various subscription options cater to the unique needs of different labs, ensuring a smooth experience and top-notch customer support. By prioritizing collaboration, customization, and data security, eLabFTW empowers research labs to streamline their operations and take their work to new heights. Experience the power of eLabFTW today and revolutionize your lab management.