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Engage VR offers three pricing options, one of which is a free plan. For details on the pricing of their premium plans, users are encouraged to reach out to the sales team. This flexible approach allows users to tailor their VR collaboration experience to their specific needs while ensuring transparency and personalized solutions.

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Engage VR Pricing Plans & Packages

Engage VR is revolutionizing the way we collaborate and connect in virtual reality. This professional platform offers a wide range of features that cater to individuals, educators, small businesses, and large corporations alike. With support from leading brands like 3M, BMW, HTC, and Stanford University, Engage VR has established itself as a trusted tool for hosting conferences, training sessions, virtual events, and more.

One of the standout features of Engage VR is its intuitive interface that allows users with basic computer knowledge to fully utilize its potential. Whether you're accessing it on a computer, tablet, or virtual reality headset, the platform provides easy access and seamless integration of various media formats. The extensive library of virtual objects, effects, and locations enables users to create immersive experiences that can be enjoyed in real-time or accessed later by students.

With over 50 unique template environments available for different purposes such as exhibit spaces and meeting rooms, Engage VR offers a comprehensive solution for all your virtual collaboration needs. Its spatial audio capability enhances realism in large group meetings by adjusting audio distance, while the user management features make content access effortless for teams and organizations. Whether you're hosting a small-scale gathering or a large-scale event with thousands of participants simultaneously, Engage VR's powerful features make it an ideal choice for creating engaging and interactive virtual experiences.

Engage VR Pricing Plans

Engage VR offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the needs of different users. The Free plan is suitable for non-commercial usage and allows users to host rooms with up to 4 guests, attend public events and meetings, and explore public Metaworlds. It also provides demo access to creation tools.

For those looking for more features, the Plus plan is available at a monthly price of $9.99. This plan allows users to host rooms with up to 20 users, host private meetings, have full access to creation tools, use media screens, create spatial recordings, and access all virtual location templates.

The Enterprise & Education plan is designed for commercial usage and offers even more advanced features. With this plan, users can host rooms with up to 70 users, gain access to the Metaworld builder, use the user management portal, host large-scale events, have full access to creation tools, utilize branding options, use media screens, create spatial recordings, and benefit from cloud file storage (beta).

Overall, Engage VR's pricing plans provide options for both non-commercial and commercial users and offer a variety of features to suit different needs. Whether it's hosting small meetings or large-scale events, Engage VR has flexible pricing options that make it accessible to individuals and organizations alike.

  • Free

    The Free pricing plan offered by Engage VR provides users with a non-commercial option to access the platform and its features. With this plan, users can explore the capabilities of Engage VR without any cost or commitment.

  • Plus

    The Plus pricing plan offered by Engage VR caters to non-commercial users and provides additional features compared to the free plan. It offers a range of benefits and options for hosting virtual events and meetings, enhancing the user experience and expanding capabilities.

  • Enterprise & Education

    The Enterprise & Education pricing plan offered by Engage VR is designed for commercial usage and provides a comprehensive set of features and tools. This plan caters to the needs of businesses, educational institutions, and organizations looking to host large-scale events and create immersive virtual experiences.


Overall, Engage VR is a versatile and intuitive platform that offers a wide range of features for hosting virtual events, conferences, and training sessions. With support from leading brands and institutions, it has gained credibility in the market. The pricing plans cater to both non-commercial and commercial users, making it accessible for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Whether it's creating immersive experiences or managing large-scale events, Engage VR offers a comprehensive solution at affordable prices. With its extensive library of virtual objects and locations, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration of multimedia content formats, Engage VR stands out as a powerful tool for virtual collaboration.