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Expensya is a feature-rich expense management software for small, medium, and large companies to manage their expenses. New users can experience this platform’s features by opting for the free trial period and if they want to continue with the paid plans then the prices start from €6.99/month/session.

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Expensya Pricing Plans & Packages

Expensya is a leading spend management software designed specifically for brand CFOs and their teams. Developed in 2014, this easy-to-use software has helped thousands of brands streamline their expense management processes and save time and money. With its comprehensive features, Expensya offers a solution for finance teams to manage expenses in a more systematic way.

Expensya provides feature-rich plans that cater to the needs of different brands. By choosing Expensya, businesses can automate various tasks related to expense management and take advantage of seamless integrations with popular services like Uber, SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, Egencia, and more. This ensures a smooth workflow automation that maximizes efficiency.

With Expensya's OCR+ technology and advanced business intelligence dashboard, brands can enjoy automated processing, real-time expense monitoring, and cloud storage for expense records. The software also offers customized card settings, multi-budget management, intelligent validation and control features, as well as complete integration options. Expensya makes managing business expenditures easier than ever before. Start using Expensya today to streamline your expense management processes and boost your finance team's productivity.

Expensya Pricing Plans

Expensya offers two pricing plans, namely SILVER and GOLD. These plans are designed to cater to the different needs of businesses when it comes to expense management.

The SILVER plan, priced at €7 per month or €5 per month for an annual subscription, provides features such as unlimited OCR+ recognition, archiving with legal value in Spain, the ability to export PDF and Excel files, multi-level validation workflow, and mileage expense management. This plan is suitable for businesses looking for basic expense management solutions that help streamline their processes and ensure compliance.

On the other hand, the GOLD plan is priced at €10 per month or €8 per month for an annual subscription. It includes all the features of the SILVER plan and additional features like integrations with accounting, banking, and payroll tools, archiving with legal value in France and Spain, advances management, automatic validation based on expense policies, and unlimited e-bills. This plan is ideal for businesses that require more advanced expense management capabilities and integration options.

Overall, Expensya's pricing plans provide businesses with flexibility in choosing the right set of features based on their specific requirements. Whether a business needs basic expense management or advanced automation and integration capabilities, Expensya has a plan to suit their needs.


    The SILVER pricing plan offered by Expensya provides an affordable option for individuals or businesses looking to streamline their expense management processes. With its comprehensive solutions and cost-effective monthly or annual pricing, the SILVER plan is designed to meet the needs of various users.

  • GOLD

    The GOLD pricing plan offered by Expensya provides advanced features and benefits for businesses looking to optimize their expense management processes. With its comprehensive solution, this plan offers additional functionalities and integrations that cater to the needs of finance teams.


In conclusion, Expensya is a powerful tool that offers comprehensive expense management solutions for finance teams. With its range of features and integrations with popular services, it helps brands streamline their expense processes and save both time and money. The pricing plans, starting from just €6.99/month, make it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether it's automated processing, real-time monitoring, or advanced business intelligence, Expensya provides the tools needed to efficiently manage expenses and maximize efficiency in finance teams. Experience the benefits of Expensya today and take your expense management to the next level.