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Flying Dog is a revolutionary plugin for Adobe Photoshop that employs advanced Artificial Intelligence to streamline and optimize designers' workflow. It boasts four robust AI connectors, three of which are dedicated to Stable Diffusion, a cutting-edge algorithm that enhances image quality while preserving its original character.

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Flying Dog Features

  • Flying Dog FeaturesText To Image : Easily convert written text into high-quality images in just seconds.
  • Flying Dog FeaturesImage To Image : Enables Flying Dog to generate new, realistic images from existing ones.
  • Flying Dog FeaturesIn Painting : Restore missing parts of an image by intelligently filling in the gaps using data from the surrounding areas.
  • Flying Dog FeaturesOut painting : Increase the size of your image while maintaining its quality and detail.
  • Flying Dog FeaturesMulti Server Management : Manage multiple Stable Diffusion servers within a single interface, making it easier to collaborate.
  • Flying Dog FeaturesModifiers : Comes with various built-in tools and modifiers that allow designers to further enhance their graphics.

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