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Holistics IO offers a 14-day free trial plan for users to explore its features and functionalities at no cost. Subscription plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, while custom plans can be tailored specifically to the customer's requirements. It is affordable and offers various pricing options, making it accessible to small and large businesses alike. With built-in automation capabilities, analytics dashboards, query builder tools, and data visualization, Holistics IO makes it easy to get insights from any data source.

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Price ImageEntry
StartingUSD 180/moBilled Monthly

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Price ImageStandard
StartingUSD 720/moBilled Monthly

Add-ons for Standard plan $120/month/embedded worker $15/month/additional user

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Price ImageSecurirt Compliance Suite(SCS)
StartingUSD 960/moBilled Monthly

20 Users Unlimited Reports 3 Embedded Workers

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Price ImageCustom Plan
StartingUSD 0/moBilled Monthly

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Holistics IO Pricing Plans & Packages

In today's data-driven world, businesses need reliable and efficient analytics solutions to make sense of the vast amount of information available to them. This is where Holistics IO comes in. Holistics IO is a powerful analytics platform that offers fast-paced insights and data analysis tools to a wide range of users. With its user-friendly interface and no coding required, Holistics IO simplifies the process of report building and provides robust features like embedded analytics, dbt integration, and model construction.

What sets Holistics IO apart from other analytics platforms is its ability to cater to different business needs. Whether you're a business leader looking for real-time insights from customer data or a data team in need of streamlined data collection and analysis processes, Holistics IO has got you covered. The platform offers flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to individual requirements, making it an affordable solution for accessing and transforming data into meaningful insights.

With Holistics IO, businesses can drive smarter decisions quicker than ever before. From the intuitive UI that enables non-technical users to easily create and share insights to the powerful semantic modeling layer that saves time by avoiding redundant development efforts, Holistics IO empowers organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Try out Holistics IO today and experience the power of fast-paced analytics firsthand.

Holistics IO Pricing Plans

Holistics IO offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. These plans include the Entry plan, Standard plan, Security Compliance Suite (SCS) plan, and Custom plan.

The Entry plan is the most basic option and provides core self-service analytics features, including the ability to build reports without SQL knowledge. The Standard plan includes everything in the Entry plan, along with additional features such as embedded dashboards, custom charts, and advanced as-code capabilities. The SCS plan builds upon the Standard plan by adding security features like single sign-on (SSO), role-based access control (RBAC), and IP access restrictions. Finally, the Custom plan offers even more flexibility with features like user activity monitoring, unlimited users, and white-labeling options.

These pricing plans are designed to offer businesses of all sizes and industries affordable access to powerful analytics tools. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, Holistics IO has a pricing option that can meet your specific needs. By providing a range of features at different price points, Holistics IO aims to make data analysis more accessible and cost-effective for organizations looking to gain valuable insights from their data.

  • Entry

    The Entry pricing plan offered by Holistics IO provides businesses with an affordable option to access their self-service analytics platform. This plan allows users to benefit from the core features of Holistics IO without the need for SQL knowledge, enabling them to build reports and gain insights from their data.

  • Standard

    The Standard pricing plan offered by Holistics IO provides users with additional features and benefits beyond the Entry plan. This plan is designed to meet the needs of businesses looking for more advanced self-service analytics capabilities and customizable options.

  • Securirt Compliance Suite(SCS)

    The Security Compliance Suite (SCS) is a pricing plan offered by Holistics IO that provides additional security features and controls for businesses. This plan focuses on enhancing data protection, access control, and compliance measures, ensuring the highest level of security for organizations using the platform.

  • Custom Plan

    The Custom Plan offered by Holistics IO is designed to provide businesses with a tailored pricing solution that meets their specific needs. With this plan, organizations have the flexibility to customize their subscription based on their unique requirements, ensuring they have access to the features and capabilities that matter most to them.


In conclusion, Holistics IO is a powerful analytics solution that offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features to simplify data analysis and report building. With flexible pricing plans, including a 14-day free trial, businesses can access cost-effective solutions for transforming data into meaningful insights. From real-time insights to streamlined data collection processes, Holistics IO empowers organizations to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information. With its collaboration tools and easy access to data, teams can stay connected and drive smarter decisions quicker than ever before. Experience the power of fast-paced analytics with Holistics IO today.