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ImagenAI is a powerful photo editing application that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence technology to provide personalized editing features. Professional photographers, especially wedding and event specialists looking for a powerful photography companion need to look no further than this intuitive tool. With fast performance on both Windows and Mac devices, you can stay connected to your work - wherever life takes you.

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ImagenAI Features

  • ImagenAI FeaturesImage Cropping : Allows users to quickly and easily crop their images to the desired aspect ratio or size.
  • ImagenAI FeaturesImage Alignment : Automatically detect and correct any crooked or tilted images with just one click.
  • ImagenAI FeaturesBulk Image Editing : Users can upload and edit up to 3000 images at once to edit.
  • ImagenAI FeaturesColor Correction : Adjust the color intensity, warmth, and saturation of your images.
  • ImagenAI FeaturesWhite Balance : Ensures that the colors are accurate and natural-looking.
  • ImagenAI FeaturesImage Resolution : Adjust the resolution of an image to make it sharper or softer as per your preference.

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