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InVideo offers a wide range of subscription plans to accommodate the requirements of various businesses and individuals. The website offers a free plan with basic features such as access to a collection of templates, music, and stock videos. There are also subscription options available for more high-end features which can be acquired by getting in touch with their sales team.

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InVideo Pricing Plans & Packages

InVideo is revolutionizing the way videos are created with its AI-powered video-creating platform. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced generative AI algorithms, users can now create high-quality videos quickly and effortlessly. Even without prior video production experience, InVideo empowers individuals and businesses to produce professional and engaging videos.

The platform offers a range of subscription plans to cater to different needs. Whether you're an individual looking for a free plan or a small-sized business seeking more features and capabilities, InVideo has options for everyone. By reaching out to their sales team, users can find the plan that best suits their requirements.

InVideo goes beyond being just a video-creating platform; it's a powerful tool that enhances productivity, boosts sales, improves marketing efforts, and increases brand awareness. With its vast library of stock images, videos, music, and customizable templates, users can personalize their videos to reflect their unique brand and message. Additionally, InVideo's AI analysis ensures SEO ranking and visibility, helping businesses attract new customers effectively. Don't miss out on the opportunity to communicate with your audience through personalized videos - try InVideo today!

InVideo Pricing Plans

InVideo offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business models and needs. The free plan is available for individuals and small-sized businesses, providing access to features such as 6K+ video templates, free video sharing, a 40-minute video duration, and a 3M+ standard media library.

For those looking for more advanced features and capabilities, there are two paid plans available: the Business plan and the Unlimited plan. The Business plan includes all the features of the free plan, along with additional benefits like no watermark on videos, 60 HD video exports per month, access to premium media, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. The Unlimited plan offers all the features of the Business plan but with unlimited HD video exports per month, 120 iStock media downloads per month, and 40 remove background requests per month.

InVideo's pricing plans provide flexibility for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your video creation efforts, InVideo has a plan that suits your needs. With its user-friendly interface and AI-powered capabilities, InVideo is revolutionizing the way videos are created and helping businesses enhance their productivity, boost sales, improve marketing efforts, and increase brand awareness.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by InVideo is a great option for individuals and small businesses who are looking to create videos without any cost. This plan provides access to the platform's video-creating capabilities, allowing users to explore and utilize its features.

  • Business (Popular)

    The Business (Popular) pricing plan offered by InVideo is a popular choice among users looking for more advanced features and capabilities. With competitive pricing options, this plan provides an enhanced video creation experience for individuals and businesses alike.

  • Unlimited

    The Unlimited plan offered by InVideo is a premium pricing plan that provides users with an extensive range of features and capabilities. With this plan, users can take their video creation to the next level and unlock unlimited HD video exports, a higher limit on iStock media usage, and increased background removal options.


InVideo is a game-changing video-creating platform that empowers users, regardless of their video production experience, to create professional and engaging videos effortlessly. With its intuitive interface and AI-powered algorithms, InVideo streamlines the video creation process and offers a range of subscription plans to cater to different business needs. From the free plan to the Unlimited plan, InVideo provides a wide range of features, including access to a vast library of stock media and templates. Whether you're looking to boost sales, improve marketing efforts, or increase brand awareness, InVideo is the tool for you. Try it today and revolutionize your video creation process.