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K-Explorer is an AI Code Assistant, that helps developers to efficiently produce good quality code. Providing comprehensive search engine capabilities as well as integrating with multiple popular editors such as Visual Studio and more, this powerful tool aids in reducing coding time and improving proficiency for users of all levels.

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About K-Explorer

K-Explorer Features

  • K-Explorer FeaturesTailored Custom Models : Helps programmers by suggesting codes that comply with their organizations’ patterns.
  • K-Explorer FeaturesMultiple Coding Language Support : Comes with support for multiple coding languages, like C#, Java, JavaScript, etc.
  • K-Explorer FeaturesNatural Language Support : Understands and guides programmers to solve their problems with ease.
  • K-Explorer FeaturesHighly Trained AI System : Comes with an AI system that is trained on billions of open-source code lines.
  • K-Explorer FeaturesCode Auto-Completion : Comes with automatic code completion for developers to ease their workload.
  • K-Explorer FeaturesAI Code Search Engine : Allows programmers to look for codes they need to complete their work.

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