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Lyne AI offers a free plan that allows users to use its services with some limitations. For those who require more advanced features, Lyne AI also offers paid plans with pricing starting from $120 per month. With this pricing structure, users can select the plan that suits their preferences and finances.

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Lyne AI Pricing Plans & Packages

In today's fast-paced business world, effective communication is key to success. And when it comes to cold email outreach, efficiency and personalization are crucial. This is where Lyne AI steps in as a game-changer. With its innovative email automation platform, Lyne AI is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals send cold emails.

Lyne AI offers a seamless solution for sending personalized emails at scale, saving valuable time and resources while boosting response rates. Built on the principles of automation, scalability, and improvement, this platform provides users with powerful tools to accomplish their objectives. From its browser extension and automatic email validation to CRM syncing and a wide range of integrations, Lyne AI has an edge over other platforms in sales prospecting and email outreach.

With the help of AI-powered icebreakers and streamlined workflows, Lyne AI enables hyper-personalization at scale while automating lead generation. By increasing positive replies from audiences, businesses can improve productivity and achieve better results. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, choosing Lyne AI will elevate your email automation game to the next level.

Lyne AI Pricing Plans

Lyne AI offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. With its flexible pricing options, businesses can choose the plan that suits their budget and requirements. The pricing plans are designed to provide users with access to advanced features and benefits that help streamline their email automation processes.

The first plan offered by Lyne AI is the Free plan, which allows users to get started with the platform at no cost. While this plan comes with certain limitations, it still provides valuable features for businesses looking to automate their cold email outreach.

For businesses that require more advanced capabilities, Lyne AI offers a Custom plan starting at $120 per month or $250 per year. This plan includes features such as 1200 lynes per month, credits that roll over, and access to all integrations. The Custom plan is ideal for businesses that need higher volume and want to take full advantage of Lyne AI's capabilities.

Overall, Lyne AI's pricing plans provide businesses with the flexibility they need to scale their email outreach efforts effectively. Whether it's the Free plan for getting started or the Custom plan for more advanced requirements, Lyne AI ensures that businesses have access to the right tools at an affordable price point.

  • Free

    The Free pricing plan offered by Lyne AI is designed to cater to users who want to experience the platform without any monthly charges. It provides a no-cost option for those looking to explore the capabilities of Lyne AI before committing to a paid plan.

  • Custom

    The Custom pricing plan offered by Lyne AI provides users with a flexible and customizable option to meet their specific business needs. With its personalized approach, this plan allows businesses to tailor their email automation strategy while maximizing their outreach efforts.


In conclusion, Lyne AI is a game-changing email automation platform that offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. With its innovative features such as pay-as-you-go pricing, seamless integrations, and AI-powered icebreakers, Lyne AI stands out among other platforms in the market. By streamlining workflows, increasing response rates, and providing hyper-personalization at scale, this tool helps businesses improve productivity and achieve better results in their email outreach efforts. Choose Lyne AI today and revolutionize the way you send cold emails.