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Microsoft’s Freemium Interactive Data Visualization Software.

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  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesQ&A Question Box : Allows you to ask questions about your data and receive feedback from other users.
  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesCustom Visualization : Lets you create custom visuals based on analyses and insights.
  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesImport Excel Data : Accepts your existing spreadsheet data for further analysis and visual presentation.
  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesPower BI Desktop : A free-to-download interactive tool that builds exceptional data reports.
  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesVisualization : Display different types of charts and graphs, which allows for identifying patterns and insights.
  • Microsoft Power BI FeaturesDashboards : Lets you quickly view all the relevant business-related information in one place.

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    It is only used by a small handful of departments - finance, financial planning, audit, and IT. So it hasn't reached the masses yet. We are talking about less than 10 users in a Fortune 500 company. For a financial analyst with a novice level of IT knowledge, Power BI is able to gather and handle VERY large amounts of data while slicing and dicing quickly how you want it. Once you get past several million rows of data, Excel blows up. That's where Power BI comes in.
    I love creating a matrix. It's very similar to the pivot in Excel. However, when I export out of power Bi into Excel, it turns back into a raw data dump. From there I can do the pivot in Excel, but what's the point of doing the matrix then. I would like for the data to export how the matrix is showing. Small but important tasks like inserting a column, combining metrics like time and year, and many others take 3 or 4 steps instead of 1 to 2. Googling "how to" when figuring out a sticky situation in Power BI doesn't always lead to a resolution. It's probably because not enough folks use Power BI like Excel, for instance, and thus you might only find one explanation to go by. And in some cases that ONE explanation isn't worded quite right for a particular user's level of expertise. With Excel, you Google a problem, and there are many write-ups to read through. And one of those write-ups turns the light bulb on in your head in your head. Or better yet you might read several different ways to solve a problem. Don't normally have that luxury with Power BI.

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