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MuseNet by OpenAI is innovating the world of music composition and creation. With its advanced capabilities, creators are empowered to explore new ideas across a wide range of musical genres – from classical, jazz, and rock to pop styles — going beyond traditional boundaries in pursuit of innovation. Armed with this tool artists can actively experimentality with melodies and harmonies for truly unique pieces!

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MuseNet Features

  • MuseNet FeaturesMultiple Music Modes : Comes with different modes - simple and advanced, helping users to create music.
  • MuseNet FeaturesConstant Updates : Rolls out multiple enhancement updates to improve its quality following users’ feedback.
  • MuseNet FeaturesToken Prediction : Uses the same technology as GPT-2 to predict the next token while generating music.
  • MuseNet FeaturesNumerous Music Styles : Comes with 10+ music styles allowing users to generate unique music pieces.
  • MuseNet FeaturesMusic Intro Setup : Allows users to add an intro to their music from its library, like the Harry Potter theme, etc.
  • MuseNet FeaturesPre-Generated Music : Comes with various pre-generated music samples for its new users.

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