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NightCafe is an AI art generator developed to generate amazing digital artworks in multiple image styles from the inputs provided by the user. This platform uses VQGAN+CLIP and other algorithms to generate state-of-the-art images by correlating the image and description provided.

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  • NightCafe FeaturesAI Art Therapy : Helps users to express their thoughts through their creative image creations.
  • NightCafe FeaturesAI Face Generator : Comes with a powerful AI face-generating algorithm for creating realistic face images.
  • NightCafe FeaturesPhoto To Painting Transformation : Allows users to instantly transform photos into an oil painting or other painting style.
  • NightCafe FeaturesStable Diffusion Image Generator : Uses an advanced algorithm to create coherent images from text descriptions.
  • NightCafe FeaturesImage Enhancement : Uses Artificial Intelligence to upscale the resolution of the image generated.
  • NightCafe FeaturesNeural Style Transfer : Identifies the unique stylistic characteristics using a deep neural network.

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  • Tim w.Arts and Crafts



    My first complaint is a really big one. I have no way to contact night cafe if I have a question or have found a bug. No consumer service at all that I can see. There is a discord group but I have never been able to get into discord for some reason. There need to be many more options for purchase of prints. $40 is way too much for people like me, retired. I would have loved to buy some prints for my family and friends but at $40 a pop there's no way. Of course there are glitches in the software even with the negative prompts faces fingers arms legs often aren't what I expect. And I need to find a way, this is important, to eliminate everything that looks like a word letter number. Because the words letters and numbers are unattractive and do not add. I've been saying word phrase letter number and so on added to the negative prompts and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

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