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Noota IO provides a free plan that includes 300 credits and 900 minutes of storage. For users seeking access to premium services, paid plans are available starting at €18 per month per user. Larger businesses interested in this platform’s offerings can reach out to the sales team for pricing information tailored to their specific needs.

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Noota io Pricing Plans & Packages

Noota IO is a cutting-edge AI meeting assistant that is transforming the way meetings are conducted. This innovative platform offers automatic note-taking, personalized meeting reports, and a range of powerful features to enhance productivity. With its user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages, Noota IO caters to a global user base and meets diverse communication needs.

With Noota IO, users can say goodbye to the hassle of manually taking notes during meetings. The platform automatically captures important information, providing timestamped notes that can be easily accessed and referenced later. Additionally, Noota IO generates customized meeting reports that summarize key points and action items, saving valuable time and ensuring nothing gets overlooked.

Whether you need real-time alerts during meetings or effortless topic detection, Noota IO has it all covered. Its comprehensive suite of features maximizes efficiency and streamlines workflow, making it an essential tool for any professional seeking to enhance their productivity in meetings. Upgrade to a paid plan or start with the free version today and experience the game-changing capabilities of Noota IO.

Noota io Pricing Plans

Noota IO offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user requirements. The basic plan, known as the Free plan, provides users with 300 credits and 900 minutes of storage. This plan includes essential features such as basic AI-summary, tag and screenshot capabilities, search functionality, and a screen recorder.

For users looking for more advanced features, Noota IO offers the Solo plan. With a monthly price of €18 or an annual price of €10 per month, this plan includes 1000 minutes of credits, multi-uploads, file uploads, 9000 minutes of storage, and the ability to export and translate documents.

The Pro plan is designed for those seeking even more comprehensive features. Priced at €35 per month or €22 per month on an annual basis, this plan offers unlimited credits, integrations with CRM systems, conversation intelligence capabilities, and eight summary templates.

Lastly, Noota IO provides a Business plan that caters to larger businesses with additional needs. This plan includes unlimited credits along with features such as live coaching sessions, workspace functionality for team collaboration, payment by invoice options, and dedicated support.

Overall, Noota IO's pricing plans offer flexibility and scalability for users from various backgrounds and industries. Whether you are an individual user or part of a large organization, there is a suitable plan available to enhance your meeting productivity.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by Noota IO provides users with a cost-effective option to access the platform and benefit from its features without any additional charges. This plan allows users to get started with basic functionality and explore the potential of Noota IO.

  • Solo

    The Solo pricing plan offered by Noota io provides users with a comprehensive set of features and benefits to enhance their meeting experience. With flexible payment options and a range of capabilities, this plan is designed to meet the needs of individual users looking for advanced meeting assistance.

  • Pro

    The Pro pricing plan offered by Noota io provides users with advanced features and functionality to enhance their meeting experience. With flexible payment options and a range of benefits, this plan is designed to meet the needs of professionals looking for comprehensive meeting assistance.

  • Business

    The Business plan offered by Noota io is designed to meet the needs of larger organizations and businesses. With a range of advanced features and dedicated support, this plan provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing productivity in meetings.


In conclusion, Noota IO is an impressive AI meeting assistant that offers a range of features to enhance productivity and streamline meetings. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive suite of features, and commitment to data protection and compliance with regulations like GDPR, Noota IO provides users with a seamless and secure meeting experience. Whether you choose the free plan or upgrade to one of the paid plans, Noota IO has options to suit different user requirements. Start using Noota IO today to transform your meetings and boost efficiency.