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Otter AI is an advanced meeting transcription and collaboration tool that utilizes artificial intelligence technology. It enables users to effortlessly record audio, take notes, automatically capture slides, and generate meeting summaries. With real-time transcription capabilities, this tool enhances productivity by providing accurate and accessible meeting documentation. Its seamless integration of AI-driven features offers a comprehensive solution for effective communication and collaboration during meetings.

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  • Otter AI FeaturesAuto-generated Summary : Automatically generates a concise summary of meetings, capturing the key points and highlights for review.
  • Otter AI Features2 Factor Authentication : Provides an added layer of security and ensures secure access and protects sensitive meeting data.
  • Otter AI FeaturesConversation History : Enables users to revisit and review past discussions for better context and understanding.
  • Otter AI FeaturesLive Transcript : Allows users to convert spoken words into written text instantly.
  • Otter AI FeaturesLive Notes : Allows users to take notes in real-time during meetings.
  • Otter AI FeaturesSpeech to Text : Enables users to convert meeting speech into written text, enabling easy searchability and reference of meeting content.

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  • Emily B.Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    I used Otter for interviewing people for Anthropology assignments. I was blown away by not only the accurate transcripts but the ability to click anywhere on the transcript and hear the actual recording. It was fast and easy and Otter even provided chapters and summaries. I love this app and even paid for a month after my free trial was up. It's expensive and I'm a student so i didn't buy a whole year but would use it again. I am getting paid for this review. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Peter f.Founder



    Customer service. I can say this company has non-existent customer service. They raised 50 million last February. Where did the money go? (come back to me once you improve your customer service and I will change this review) Review collected by and hosted on

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