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Papercup is an AI-powered dubbing and video translation software. It can quickly and accurately translate audio and visual elements from one language to another allowing users to communicate with people all over the world without having to worry about language barriers. The software uses advanced Natural Language Processing technology to recognize speech, as well as optical character recognition technology to identify text in videos.

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  • Papercup FeaturesAutomated Dubbing : Users can quickly and effortlessly craft perfect audio dubs to add an extra layer of quality to their videos.
  • Papercup FeaturesVideo Translation : Allows you to create subtitles, translated voiceovers, or dubbed audio for your existing content.
  • Papercup FeaturesSpeech Recognition : Enables a program to process human speech into a written format.
  • Papercup FeaturesSubtitle Generation : Allows users to add captions or subtitles directly into your videos.
  • Papercup FeaturesAudio Editing : Allows you to remove background noise, boosts clarity, and volume in your recording.
  • Papercup FeaturesCloud Support : Makes it easy for you to store large files and gives your users a level of security.

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