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Photomath offers In-app purchase plans for both iOS and Android users. After downloading the app, users can choose a subscription plan that best suits their needs. Plus, Photomath Plus provides three subscription options: Free, 12 months, and 1 month. Those interested can try the free version to explore the tool before committing to a paid subscription. The app also offers customer support, ensuring users can easily seek assistance for any inquiries they may have.

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Photomath Pricing Plans & Packages

Photomath is a groundbreaking math mobile application that uses AI technology to simplify the process of solving complex mathematical problems. With its step-by-step explanations and extensive coverage of various math topics, Photomath has quickly become the preferred choice for students and math enthusiasts alike. By utilizing augmented optical character recognition (OCR), users can effortlessly scan and identify mathematical equations, receiving detailed solutions directly on their screens.

One of the standout features of Photomath is its user-friendly interface and incorporation of multimedia learning functionality, making it an invaluable educational resource. Whether you're a parent looking to support your child's math education or a teacher aiming to enhance classroom learning, Photomath provides easy-to-follow instructions and expert-verified solutions. The app also includes interactive graphs, an advanced scientific calculator, word problem instructions, and hybrid search capabilities to further enhance the learning experience.

By offering step-by-step explanations and fostering confidence in problem-solving abilities, Photomath empowers users to master mathematical concepts effectively. Whether you're just starting out or seeking assistance with more advanced topics, Photomath's comprehensive approach ensures that no math problem is too challenging. Contact Photomath's customer support for any queries or subscribe now to experience its powerful math-solving capabilities.

Photomath Pricing Plans

Photomath offers three pricing plans to cater to the needs of its users. The Free plan allows users to explore the app's features before deciding on a paid subscription. The 12 Months plan, priced at $26.99 per month, provides step-by-step explanations, extra tips, custom visual aids, and deep-dive solutions for hundreds of textbooks. The 1 Month plan, priced at $4.49 per month, includes custom visual aids, extra tips, step-by-step explanations, and deep-dive solutions for textbooks.

These pricing plans are significant as they offer flexibility for users to choose the subscription that best suits their needs and budget. The Free plan allows users to access basic features without any cost commitment. The paid plans provide additional benefits such as in-depth solutions and customized resources for enhanced learning. By offering a range of options, Photomath ensures that users can access its powerful math-solving capabilities while also providing value for money.

  • Free

    The Free Pricing Plan offered by Photomath provides users with access to the basic features of the app without any cost. Users can explore and use the app's functionalities without committing to a paid subscription.

  • 12 Months

    The 12 Months pricing plan offered by Photomath provides users with a subscription option that spans a year. This plan offers access to the app's features and benefits for an extended period of time.

  • 1 Month

    The 1 Month pricing plan offered by Photomath provides users with a flexible option to access the app's comprehensive math-solving capabilities for a shorter duration. This plan allows users to benefit from Photomath's innovative features and step-by-step explanations without committing to a longer subscription.


In conclusion, Photomath is a game-changing math tool that offers step-by-step explanations and comprehensive coverage of various math topics. Its innovative AI-powered technology, user-friendly interface, and incorporation of multimedia learning functionality make it an invaluable resource for students and math enthusiasts. With flexible pricing options and a range of features, Photomath caters to the diverse needs of users, whether they are looking for free access or are willing to invest in a subscription plan. By providing expert-verified solutions and fostering confidence in problem-solving abilities, Photomath empowers users to excel in mathematics.