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QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting platform that enables businesses to send custom quotes and invoices. It offers organizations a clear view of their profits without manual work and provides smart and user-friendly tools. Apart from this, QuickBooks helps automate tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking, budgeting, and more.

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  • QuickBooks FeaturesAccrual Accounting : Makes the relationship between revenue and expenses clearer, providing better insight into profitability.
  • QuickBooks FeaturesCash Management : It helps to maximize liquidity and minimize the cost of funds.
  • QuickBooks FeaturesAccount Reconciliation : Ensures the information is reliable and allows users to see any mistakes or discrepancies that occur.
  • QuickBooks FeaturesCommission Management : Helps businesses manage and track sales commissions sales reps earn by selling products and services.
  • QuickBooks FeaturesContact Database : Enables organizations to effectively manage and organize information about their clients, customers, and other important contacts.
  • QuickBooks FeaturesCompliance Management : Ensure employees and activities across an organization are adhering to all the requirements, regulations, and laws.

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    I currently work as a consultant doing accounting for small businesses and startup companies. I work as freelancer on UpWork. I help business owners transition from either their previous accounting software, QuickBooks Desktop, or Excel-based program to QuickBooks Online. As business owners grow their business, they no longer have time to do the accounting themselves so they reach out to me to do the accounting for them on a weekly or monthly basis so they can have accurate financials to see the health of their business.
    Incredibly user-friendly user-interface Intuit has created very helpful knowledge center and support to answer Accounting-related questions or how to use the software Their report function allows to switch between cash basis and accrual basis accounting with the click of a button They have a great network of QuickBooks Certified Professionals if business owners need to contract a professional to do the accounting QuickBooks Online provides various features that you can add-on as your business grows and has the ability to scale as the accounting needs evolve There are many Apps that integrate into QuickBooks, such as Shopify, Paypal, Stripe, etc.