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Readable is a powerful and modern writing assistance platform designed specifically to cater to the needs of businesses operating in the digital world. It allows users to easily monitor website content for various grammatical and spelling errors, as well as measure the tonality and writing style, all on a centralized platform. The tool is also capable of tracking keyword density and analyzing sentiment across content on multiple web pages.

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  • Readable FeaturesPunctuation : Use punctuation marks in your writing to help improve the clarity and coherence of your content.
  • Readable FeaturesPassive Voice Count : Helps ensure that your writing is active and engaging by identifying sentences written in the passive voice.
  • Readable FeaturesSentiment Analysis : It gauges the emotional tone of your writing, providing insight into how readers may perceive your content.
  • Readable FeaturesCase Converter : Facilitates consistent use of capitalization throughout your content.
  • Readable FeaturesProfanity Word Count : Ensures that your content is professional and suitable for a general audience.
  • Readable FeaturesHedge Word Count : Helps you eliminate vague or uncertain language in your writing.

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  • Anonymous ReviewerWriting and Editing



    I often work in a team of writers. I'm actually pretty good at writing in simple, clear English but some of my colleagues are not. If I say 'Your writing is verbose and difficult to read," that's going to sound (a) harshly critical and (b) may get the response, "That's a matter of opinion". If instead I forward a analysis and say, "Look, your text only scored C" it's less likely to be seen as a harsh and subjective judgement from me. As a result, I think the average quality of writing of the whole team has been raised a little.

  • Ana C.Writer



    I couldn't figure out how to rescan amended material and found it difficult to delete records that had already been uploaded. I ended up having to re-upload my files and start over. Review collected by and hosted on

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