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Remove bg is a simple-to-use AI image editing tool that comes with a plethora of features allowing its users to add and remove image backgrounds with ease. Although this tool is free to use, it also comes with paid plans as well. Users can opt for the paid plans whose pricing starts from ₹599/month for 40 credits.

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Price ImageFree
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Price ImageSubscription Plan
StartingINR 599/moBilled Monthly

40 credits/month - Rs 599 (Rs 13.25/image) , 500 credits/month - Rs 5,950 (Rs 11.90/image) , 2,800 credits/month - Rs 26,900 - (Rs 9.61/image)

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Price ImagePay As You Go
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1 credit - Rs 129 - Rs 129/image, 75 credits - Rs 3,290 - Rs 43.87/image, 500 credits - Rs 13,500 - Rs 27/image

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Remove bg Pricing Plans & Packages

Introducing Remove bg, the game-changing cloud-based image background remover and editor. This innovative tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and enhance your photo editing process. Whether you're a professional photographer, marketer, developer, or media company, Remove bg is designed to cater to your specific needs.

With its wide range of features, Remove bg allows you to effortlessly clean up photos and add stunning effects, making them more visually appealing. The Magic Brush feature sets it apart by automatically removing distractions from photos and restoring them to their original state with just a few clicks.

What sets Remove bg apart is its flexibility in pricing options. Whether you prefer a free plan or are willing to invest in a paid subscription, there's a plan that suits every user's budget. With affordable pricing and high-quality results, Remove bg is the go-to tool for streamlining your photo editing workflow and saving you precious time. Say goodbye to tedious background removal tasks and experience the transformative power of Remove bg today.

Remove bg Pricing Plans

Remove bg offers flexible pricing options to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The pricing plans are designed to provide an affordable and convenient solution for professionals in various industries such as photography, marketing, development, and media.

The first plan offered by Remove bg is the Free plan, which provides users with 1 free credit. This plan includes access to the apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, users can enjoy 50 free previews per month via API and apps, as well as the opportunity to earn credits by referring friends.

For those looking for more features and unlimited access, Remove bg offers a Subscription Plan priced at ₹599 per month. This plan allows for unlimited free previews on the platform and provides 50 free previews per month via API and apps. Users also have access to the software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Adobe Photoshop.

Overall, Remove bg's pricing plans aim to provide users with a cost-effective solution for their image editing needs. Whether you choose the Free plan or opt for the Subscription Plan at ₹599 per month, Remove bg ensures that you have access to powerful background removal tools while maintaining high standards of quality and accuracy.

  • Free

    The Free plan offered by Remove bg provides users with an introductory option to experience the benefits of the platform without any financial commitment. This plan allows users to get started with the service and explore its capabilities before deciding on a paid subscription.

  • Subscription Plan

    The Subscription Plan offered by Remove bg provides users with a flexible and affordable pricing option for accessing the full range of features and benefits. With unlimited free previews and compatibility with various platforms, this plan ensures that users can enjoy seamless image background removal and editing capabilities.

  • Pay As You Go

    The Pay As You Go pricing plan offered by Remove bg provides users with flexibility and control over their image background removal needs. With unlimited free previews and the ability to use on various platforms, this plan allows users to pay for only what they need, making it a convenient option for those who require occasional or specific image editing tasks.


In conclusion, Remove bg is an impressive cloud-based image background remover and editor that offers a wide range of features to enhance your photos. Its flexible pricing options, including free and paid plans, make it accessible to all users. With its advanced AI technology and compatibility with various apps, Remove bg streamlines the photo editing process and helps users achieve amazing transformations with ease. Whether you're a photographer, marketer, developer, or media company, this tool is a valuable asset for improving the appeal of your images and saving precious time in your workflow.