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ShareGPT is a Chrome browser extension developed for sharing ChatGPT conversations with ease. This tool allows users to view and comment on other shared conversations. Also, users can copy and paste the conversation URL on various social media platforms which will provide a small preview of the conversation.

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ShareGPT Features

  • ShareGPT FeaturesShortcuts For Apple Users : Allows iOS and iPad users to create shortcuts to use its services.
  • ShareGPT FeaturesInstant Sharing : The conversation will be shared instantly and will be available on the ShareGPT website.
  • ShareGPT FeaturesConversation Flag : Allows users to flag any shared conversation according to their needs.
  • ShareGPT FeaturesDashboard : Users can view all their shared conversations on the provided dashboard.
  • ShareGPT FeaturesOptimized Search : Comes with a search option allowing users to look for specific conversations.
  • ShareGPT FeaturesAuto Login If Removed : Allows users to auto-login to the extension if it was removed in past.

ShareGPT Ratings and ReviewsShareGPT Ratings and Reviews

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ShareGPT as 4.6



Top Reviews
  • undeniably_lizard



    Pretty cool. Successfully demonstrates the capabilities of AI in a wide range of topics. Even though it is not a full-on search engine alternative, it may be useful when a ELI5 explanation is needed.

  • GMON



    Its very Impressive technology but they want you to sign up with your full name and telephone number. Hard pass.