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STARLIMS is a comprehensive laboratory information management system designed to help businesses to efficiently collect, store, and interpret complex laboratory data. It provides valuable insights into clinical trials, research & development (R&D), and manufacturing processes by automating workflows, reducing manual data entry errors, and seamlessly integrating with 3rd-party systems.

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  • STARLIMS FeaturesData Management : Automated data entry, storage, and retrieval for improved accuracy and quality control.
  • STARLIMS FeaturesLaboratory Information Management : STARLIMS allows users to consolidate, organize and store laboratory information in a unified database.
  • STARLIMS FeaturesLifecycle Management : Helps organizations track sample lifecycles from the point of collection through results evaluation and reporting.
  • STARLIMS FeaturesAutomate File Processing : Automates the process of transferring data from instruments and analyzers into the database.
  • STARLIMS FeaturesDocument Management : Enhanced document control and traceability through secure electronic records for access.
  • STARLIMS FeaturesCompliance Management : Built-in compliance controls help ensure regulatory standards are met in accordance with local regulations.

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  • xuanhua h.Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)



    I really like Starlims' automatic generation function for inspection report forms. The system can automatically capture data from the graph and directly generate the required report forms, greatly reducing the time required for issuing and reviewing report forms, and improving the accuracy of report forms. Review collected by and hosted on

  • Verified User in ResearchSmall-Business(50 or fewer emp.)



    An out of the box functionality that I feel is non-intuitive is the Work Order module. To me, any type of step by step process (such as work orders) needs to be dummy proof. In fact, that is ultimately how your LIMS should be in the first place. For this instance, when I submit work orders, I need to be guided to the next step. There are to many options for me to click on. Starlims needs to have a step by step process that guides me to the completion of the work orders. I need a set of work instructions in order for me to complete a work order, and I feel that this shouldn't be the case. As soon as I click on create a work order, there needs to be a dummy proof system in place that guides the user through the steps rather than having him/her navigate through trial and error. Review collected by and hosted on